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Alban – Means 'white' and is of Latin origin.  It is most commonly shortened to 'Albie'.

Potential nicknames: Albie.

Anderson – Means, quite literally, 'son of Anders', which is of Scandinavian origin. There is a world of possibilities for shortening this one, take your pick.

Potential nicknames: Anders, Andy, and Sonny.

Angus – Means 'one strength' in and is of Gaelic origin. It also shares references with the Scottish place-name.

Potential nicknames: Gus.

Archibald – Means 'truly brave' and is from Teutonic origins. Although 'Archibald' could be considered a bit dated and stuffy, its shortened version 'Archie' is proving to be quite popular these days. Especially since a certain new royal arrived.

Potential nicknames: Archie.

Armstrong – Means, believe it or not, 'strong arms' and is of English origin. It's a last name, which seems to be gaining popularity as a first, most likely due to the achievements of its most famous namesakes; Lance Armstrong, former professional cyclist, and Neil Armstrong, first person to walk on the moon.

Potential nicknames: Armie.

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Barclay – Means 'where the birches grow' and is from English and Scottish origins. It sounds like, although is not spelled the same as, the English town Berkeley, which could be an alternative spelling.

Potential nicknames: Clay.

Barnabas – Means 'son of comfort' and is of Aramaic origin. It is very close to the name Barnaby, sharing a common nickname. The only thing that might put you off this name is the big purple dinosaur associated with it...

Potential nicknames: Barney.

Barnes  - Quite literally meaning 'one who lives or works near the barn' with an English origin. Not the most poetic meaning, however this name is very unique as a given name. Another surname turned first, this name has a cool sound to it. Namesakes include; Barnes Wallis, scientist, engineer and inventor; Barnes Murphy, Irish footballer; and Barns Courtney (alternative spelling), singer.

Although Barnes can be a full name, it doesn't have any obvious nicknames as it is a nickname in itself.

Could be short for: Barnabas, or Barnaby.

Bartholomew – Means 'son of the furrow' and is of Aramaic origin. The obvious nickname may lead to endless Simpsons references, however if you're hoping to avoid this there are a few more traditional alternatives you can turn to.

Potential nicknames: Bart (Doh!), Barty and Tolly.

Benedict – Means blessed in Latin. A popular namesake for this slightly old-fashioned name is Sherlock Holmes actor, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Potential nicknames: Ben, or Benny.

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Carson – Meaning 'son of the marsh-dwellers'. Again, not the most glamorous meaning, but this name, with roots back to Irish and Scottish heritage, is a cool new surname-turned-first name that is sure to get some attention. Although it's not regularly heard, US television host Carson Daly shares this name.

This short name doesn't necessarily need shortening, however if you did want to change it up a bit, there are a few options, but you may need to be creative.

Potential nicknames: Cars, or Sonny.

Calhoun – Means 'from the narrow forest' and is of Irish origin. You've likely heard this as a surname, from the main character in Nicholas Sparks' 'The Notebook', Noah Calhoun. This surname-turned-first name is a friendly yet unique name.

Potential nicknames: Cal.

Campbell – Meaning 'crooked mouth', but don't let that put you off, this Scottish name is cool yet simple.

Potential nicknames: You may have to get creative with this one.

Carlton – Meaning 'settlement of freemen' and is of English origin. This name is commonly seen as both a surname and a first name, although notable first name namesakes include character Carlton Banks (fresh prince of Bel Air), and Carlton Palmer (footballer and manager).

Potential nicknames: Carl, Tony.

Chester – Meaning 'fortress', this name comes from Latin Origin. The most notable namesakes are Chester Burton 'Chet' Atkins who was an American Jazz musician; and Chester Bennington who was the lead vocalist of Linkin Park.

Potential nicknames: Chet

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Dalton – Meaning 'the settlement in the valley' and is of English origins. It is a surname-turned-first sported by the likes of Dalton Grant, British high jumper.

Potential nicknames: Dalt, Tony.

Declan – Means 'man of prayer' and comes from Irish origins. It is probably best recognised as the first name of Declan Donnelly, one half of British TV duo Ant and Dec.

Potential nicknames: Dec.


Dewitt – Means 'blonde' in Flemish. It is often seen in American use spelt DeWitt; such as philosopher R. DeWitt Miller, and NY governor DeWitt Clinton.

Potential nicknames: Dewey, Witt.

Dexter – Means 'right handed' and is from a Latin origin. It is probably best recognised from television shows such as 'Dexter', and Children's cartoon 'Dexter's laboratory'.

Potential nicknames: Dex.

Digby – Means 'town by the ditch' and is of a Norse origin. It is name to Digby Fairweather British Jazz musician, and Digby Ione, Australian Rugby Union player.

Potential nicknames: Dig.

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Edison – Means 'son of Edward' with English origin. Famously the surname of American inventor Thomas Edison, this name has become more popular as a given name for boys in recent years. It could also be spelt 'Eddison'.

Potential nicknames: Ed, Eddie, Sonny.

Eduardo – Means 'wealthy guardian' and is of Italian origin. It is he given name of Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook, and is the name chosen by influential Youtubers 'the Saccone-Joly's' for their second child.

Potential nicknames: Eddie, Wardo (Uardo).

Elijah – Means 'Yahweh is god' with a Hebrew origin. Best known as the first name of Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood.

Potential nicknames: Eli (pronounced Ee-Lie).

Emmett – Means 'truth' and is of Hebrew origins. Probably best known as the name of Dr. Emmett Brown, a character in the Back to the Future franchise.

Potential nicknames: Em.

Ezekial – A Hebrew language name, meaning 'god's strength'. Notable namesakes include Ezekiel Kemboi, Kenyan Athlete, and Ezekiel, the Hebrew prophet of the Old Testament.

Potential nicknames: Zeke.

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Farrell -  Means 'courageous' and is of Irish origin. An alternate spelling of this is name to Pharrell Williams, American hip-hop artist.

Potential nicknames: You may need to get creative with this one.

Felix – Means 'happy' and stems from Latin. It is the name of multiple royals, including Prince Felix of Denmark, Prince Félix of Luxembourg and Prince Felix of Schwarzenberg.

Potential nicknames: You may need to get creative with this one.

Fletcher – Means 'arrow maker' and stems from the English language. A notable namesake is Fletcher Smith, New Zealand rugby union player.

Potential nicknames: Fletch

Foster – Means 'forester' with English origins. This name is a surname which is unusually seen as a first name; however, it will make a very original name if that's what you're after!

Potential nicknames: You may have to get creative with this one.

Frazier – Means 'strawberry' and is a Scottish name from french origins. There are a whole host of ways to spell this name, including Frazer, Fraser and Frasier. Frazer Hines, British actor best known for his roles in the original series of Doctor Who, and Emmerdale.

Potential nicknames: Fraze.

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Gabriel – Meaning 'god is my strength' from the Hebrew language. This is a widely used given name, with a lot of well recognised namesakes, including Gabriel Macht, American actor known for his lead role in US drama Suits.

Potential nicknames: Gabe.

Gerard – Meaning 'spear strength' is an English and Irish name. The most recognisable namesake is likely Gerard Butler, Scottish actor best known for his role in P.S I love you.

Potential nicknames: Gerry

Gifford – Means 'puffy cheeks' and is an English surname most commonly. It has however been sported for years as an unusual first name, by the likes of Gifford Fox (British politician) and Gifford Nielsen (American footballer).

Potential nicknames: Giff.

Graydon – Means 'son of the grey-haired one' and is an English name, often seen as a surname. Though this may not appeal to all, it is actually the name of Marvel super villain Graydon Creed, who appears in the X-men comics.

Potential nicknames: Gray, Donnie.

Gulliver – Means 'glutton' and is an Irish name. Although it may not have the most flattering of meanings, it is a very cool and stylish name for a young man. A notable namesake is British musician Gulliver Ralston.

Potential nicknames: Gully.

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Hadrian – A Latin name meaning 'dark-haired', best known as the name of the Roman emperor.

Potential nicknames: Hade, Ady.

Harrington – English surname turned first name, Harrington means 'family farm'. It was the first name of the Australian archbishop Harrington Lees, but is often seen used as a middle name also.

Potential nicknames: Harry, Ringo, Tony.

Holden – Meaning 'hollow valley', Holden is an English name. It is the name given to the main character Holden Caulfield in J.D. Salinger's novel, The Catcher in the Rye.

Potential nicknames: Hol, Denny.

Hudson – Meaning 'son of Hugh' this name is of English origin. A notable Hudson is Hudson Maxim, American inventor and chemist.

Potential nicknames: Hudd, Sonny.

Humphrey – Means 'peaceful warrior' and comes from German origins. It is seen as both a given name and a surname, and has been used since the medieval period. It hasn't been seen as much recently, but that might give the name a unique twist.

Potential nicknames: you may have to get creative with this one.

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Isaac – A Hebrew name meaning 'laughter'. Isaac Newton, English mathematician, astronomer and physicist, is the most notable person with this name. However, there are more recent examples of this name in use, for example Isaac Slade, lead singer of American band 'The Fray'.

Potential nicknames: Zac.

Isaiah – A Hebrew name meaning 'salvation of the lord'. Isaiah is the name of one of the books within the old testament of the bible, but also has some more current namesakes by way of footballers Isaiah Osbourne and Isaiah Rankin.

Potential nicknames: Si, Saiah, Is.

Iskander – Meaning 'defending men', Iskander is the Arabic version of Alexander. So if you're looking for something with a bit of a twist, this may be the name for you. Other variations of this name include; Eskandar, Iskandar, Skandar, and Scandar.

Potential nicknames: Is.

Ivan – A Russian name which means 'god is gracious'. It can be pronounced 'eye-van' or 'ee-van'.

Potential nicknames: you may need to get creative with this one.

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Jackson – Meaning, you guessed it, 'son of Jack' and is an English name. Well known Jacksons include Jackson Pollock, American abstract painter, and Jackson Rathbone, Actor known for appearing in the Twilight Saga.

Potential nicknames: Jack, Sonny.

Jameson – Meaning, you guessed it, 'son of James' and is an English name. It could also be spelt 'Jamison'. Although it's a fairly unusual name, it does belong to Jameson Parker, an American actor for 80s TV show Simon & Simon.

Potential nicknames: James, Sonny.

Jeremiah –A Hebrew name meaning 'appointed by god'.  A notable person with this name is Jeremiah Dixon, and English surveyor and astronomer, best known for working with Charles Mason and determining what is now known as the Mason-Dixon Line.

Potential nicknames: Jerry, Jeremy.

Joaquin – A Spanish name meaning 'god will judge'. It is pronounced 'Wah-keen'. A notable namesake is Joaquin Phoenix, American actor best known for his role as Johnny Cash in biopic Walk the Line.

Potential nicknames: Jacques, Quin.

Junior – A Latin name meaning 'young'. It is name to Junior Simpson, British stand up comedian, and Junior Bent, former English footballer.

Potential nicknames: you may need to be creative with this one.

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Kavanaugh – An Irish name meaning 'born handsome'. A surname-turned-first name, this name has an original twist that is bound to have people notice it.

Potential nicknames: Kavan.

Keaton – An English Surname meaning 'shed town' (but don't hold that against it).

Potential nicknames: Tony.

Kent – An English place name meaning 'edge'. It is the stage name of Rapper Kent Jones known for his hit single 'Don't mind'.

Potential nicknames: Ken, Kenny.

Kingston – An English name meaning, you guessed it, 'kings town'.

Potential nicknames: Tony.

Kristopher – A spelling variation of Christopher, a Greek name meaning 'bearer of Christ'.

Potential nicknames: Kris, Topher.

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Lambert – A German name meaning 'land brilliant'. A notable namesake is Lambert Wilson, a French actor known for his roles in the Matrix films.

Potential nicknames: Bertie.

Leonardo – An Italian name meaning 'brave lion'. Among many, the most familiar namesakes for this name are Leonardo DiCaprio, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Potential nicknames: Leo.

Lincoln – An English name meaning 'from the lake settlement'. Australian Rugby player Lincoln Withers and American explorer Lincoln Ellsworth are among the numerous notable Lincolns.

Potential nicknames: Link.

Lorenzo – An Italian name meaning 'from Laurentium'. It is the Italian variant of Laurence.

Potential nicknames: Enzo.

Louis – A German name meaning 'renowned warrior'. This name can be pronounced either 'Loo-ee' or 'Loo-is'. Notable people with this name include Louis Armstrong, American Jazz musician, Louis Theroux, British television presenter, and Louis Walsh, Irish entertainment manager.

Potential nicknames: Lou.

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Macaulay – A Scottish name meaning 'son of righteousness'. A notable person with this name is child actor Macaulay Culkin, best known for his leading role in the Home Alone films.

Potential nicknames: Mac.

Mitchell – An English name meaning 'who is like god'. A notable Mitchell is Mitch Pileggi, American actor known for his roles in The X-Files, Sons of Anarchy and the revival of Dallas.

Potential nicknames: Mitch.

Mathias - A Scandinavian name meaning 'gift of god'. It is a variant of the more commonly used name, Matthew.

Potential nicknames: Mat.

Montgomery – A Norman name meaning 'man power'. It is actually the first name of the character known as 'Scotty' in Star Trek, and is the first name of character 'Lightning McQueen' from Disney animation Cars.

Potential nicknames: Monty.

Milo – A Latin name meaning 'merciful'. A notable person by this name is Milo Ventimiglia, Actor known for his role in television show Heroes.

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Nathanael – A Hebrew name meaning 'god has given'. Spelling variations include Nathaniel, Nathanel and Nathanial. It is the given name of Jazz pianist and vocalist Nat King Cole.

Potential nicknames: Nat, Nathan.

Nelson – An English name meaning 'son of Neil'.

Potential nicknames: Nelly, Sonny.

Nicklaus – A Nordic name meaning 'people of victory'.

Potential nicknames: Nick, Klaus.

Nolan – An Irish name meaning 'champion'. A notable person with this name is Nolan Miller, actor known for his role on American television show, Modern Family.

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Orwell – An English name meaning 'the branch of the river'. Often recognised as the surname of George Orwell, which is the pen name of author Eric Blair, known for works such as 'Animal Farm; and 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'.

Potential nicknames: Welly.

Osias – A Greek name meaning 'salvation'. A notable person with this name is Flemmish painter Osias Beert.

Oswald – An English name meaning 'divine power'. This name has been very popular in the past, but is rarely heard nowadays. A modern twist on this name could come from the nickname Ossie (or Ozzie).

Potential nicknames: Ossie, Waldo.

Otto – A German name meaning 'wealthy'.

Could be short for: Othello.

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Pascoe – A Cornish name meaning 'Easter'. It is a variation of French name Pascal and Italian name Pasquale.

Percival – A French name meaning 'one who pierces the valley'. A spelling variation is Perceval.

Potential nicknames: Percy.

Phineas – A Hebrew name meaning 'oracle'. A notable person by this name is Phineas T. Barnum, showman, politician and businessman. Barnum is best known these days due to the biopic film of his life 'The Greatest Showman'.

Potential nicknames: Phin/Fin.

Preston – An English name meaning 'Priest's estate'.

Potential nicknames: Tony.

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Quentin – A Latin name meaning 'fifth'. This name has a couple of very notable namesakes, the first of which is Quentin Blake, an illustrator best known for his work with author Roald Dahl. The second is Quentin Tarantino, a director whose most prominent works include Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Django Unchained, among many more.

Potential nicknames: Q.

Quill – An English occupation name meaning 'scriber'. Most often seen as a surname, this would make a unique choice for a boys name.

Could be short for: Quillan.

Quinlan – An Irish name meaning 'slender'. The name descends from 'Caoinlean' the Gaelic word for slender.

Potential nicknames: Quin, Lanny.

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Ramsey – A Scottish place name. Notable Ramseys include Ramsey Campbell, British author, and Ramsey Lewis, American Jazz musician.

Potential nicknames: Rams.

Raphael – A Hebrew name meaning 'god has healed'. An alternative spelling is Rafael, and Italian variation is Raffaello.

Potential nicknames: Raphy/Raffy.

Rhett – An English name from the Dutch word 'raet' meaning 'advice'. A notable Rhett is Rhett Akins, whose full name is Thomas Rhett Akins, American country singer and songwriter. He gave the same full name to his son, also a country singer/songwriter, who goes by the stage name Thomas Rhett.

Rhodri – A Welsh name meaning 'circle'. It is the full name of Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert.

Potential nicknames: Rhod.

Rufus – A Latin name meaning 'red-head'.

Potential nicknames: Rue/Roo.

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Seamus – An Irish name meaning 'supplanter'.

Potential nicknames: Amus/Amos.

Seth – A Hebrew name for 'appointed'. Notable Seths include Seth Meyers, television host, Seth MacFarlane, television producer best known for creating Family Guy, and Seth Rogan, a Canadian comedic actor.

Sullivan – An Irish name meaning 'black-eyed one'. Often heard as a surname, this name makes a unique boys given name.

Potential nicknames: Sully.

Sutton – An English name meaning 'from the English homestead'.

Potential nicknames: Tony, Sonny.

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Thatcher – An English occupation name for someone who thatches roofs. Usually heard as a surname.

Potential nicknames: Thatch.

Tobias – A Hebrew name meaning 'god is good'. A notable Tobias is Tobias 'Toby' Jones, English actor.

Potential nicknames: Toby, Tobi.

Todd – An English name meaning 'fox'.

Could be short for: Todric, Toddrick.

Tripp – A name of unknown origins often given as a nickname to a male family member who is third of his name.

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Ulric – An English name meaning 'wealthy ruler'. A spelling variation with Ulrich. It is the name given to Heath Ledger's character's alter ego, Ulrich Von Lichtenstein, in 2001 film 'A Knight's Tale'.

Potential nicknames: Rick, Ric.

Uriah – A Hebrew name meaning 'god is my light'. Spelling variations include Urijah and Uriyah.

Potential nicknames: Uri.

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Vance – An Irish name meaning 'someone who lives near marshland'. A notable person who uses this name is Vance Joy, stage name for the singer, best known for his number 1 song 'riptide'.

Vaughn – A Welsh name meaning 'small'. Most often seen as a surname.

Victor – A Latin name meaning 'conqueror'. Sometimes spelt 'Viktor'.

Potential nicknames: Vic/Vik.

Vincent – A Latin name meaning 'conquering'. The most well known namesake is Vincent van Gogh, the artist best known for his paintings 'starry night' and 'sunflowers'.

Potential nicknames: Vince.

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Wade – An English name meaning 'at the river crossing'. Wade is the name of a character for a common Germanic mythological character.  

Could be short for: Wayland.

Walker – An English name meaning 'cloth-walker'.

Potential nicknames: Wally.

Warwick – An English name meaning 'strong leader who defends'. A notable person with this name is Warwick Davis, an actor who is best known for his role as Professor Flitwick in the Harry Potter franchise.

Potential nicknames: Wick.

Wellington – An English name meaning 'people living in the hamlet in the cleared area near the temple'.

Potential nicknames: Welly, Tony.

Wilder – An English name meaning 'untamed'. It is often seen as a surname, however it is more commonly used in the US as a given name.

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Xander – A Greek name meaning 'defending men'. Pronounced 'Zan-der'. A slight variation on this is 'Sander' used mainly in Dutch speaking areas of Europe.

Could be short for: Alexander.

Xavier – An Arabic name meaning 'bright'. Pronounced either 'Ex-zay-vee-er' or 'Zay-vee-er'. It is recognised as the name of a character in the X-men franchise, Professor Xavier.

Potential nicknames: Xay (pronounced Zay).

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Yardley – An English name meaning 'wood clearing'. Most often seen as a surname, this is a unique choice for a male given name.

Potential nicknames: Yard, Ley (or Lee).

Yates – An English name meaning 'gate'. Most often seen as a surname, this is a unique choice for a male given name.

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Zacharias – A Greek name meaning 'the lord has remembered'. Variations include Zachary, Zachariah, and Zacarias. Notable namesakes include Zachary 'Zac' Efron, known for his roles in Disney's High School Musical, Baywatch and Bad Neighbours, and Zachary Quinto, known for his roles in Heroes and Star Trek.

Potential nicknames: Zachary, Zac/Zach/Zack.

Zephan – A Greek name meaning 'god has hidden'. Pronounced 'Zef-an'.

Could be short for: Zephaniah.

Potential nicknames: Zeph/Zef.

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