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Adaline – Means 'noble' and comes from french origin. It can be spelt multiple ways, including 'Adeline' and 'Adelyn'. It has had a resurgence of popularity in recent years due the release of the film Adaline (starring Blake Lively).

Potential nicknames: Ada (Pronounced Ay-dah), Ali.

Albinia – An Italian name which means 'white', and is the name of a town in Tuscany.

Potential nicknames: Alba.

Allegra – An Italian name meaning 'joyous'. Notable people with this name include Allegra Kent (prima ballerina) and Allegra Mcevedy (British chef).

Potential nicknames: Ally.

Alora – Meaning 'the lord is my light', Alora is a Hebrew name. It can also be spelt Elora.

Potential nicknames: Aly, Ely, Lora.

Antonia – A Latin name which means 'priceless one'. A notable namesake is Antonia Thomas, English television actress.

Potential nicknames: Nina, Toni.

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Beatrix – Means 'she who brings happiness' and is of Latin origin. The most recognisable namesake of this name is Beatrix Potter (children's author). A similar variation of this name is Beatrice.

Potential nicknames: Bea, Trixie.

Bindi – An Australian aboriginal name meaning 'butterfly'. The late Steve Irwin chose this name for his daughter. It could also be spelt 'Bindy'.

Potential nicknames: Indi.

Bonnie – A Scottish name beating 'beautiful and cheerful'. Notable people with this name include Bonnie Wright, Actress best known for her role of Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter franchise, and Bonnie Tyler, Welsh singer best known for her biggest hit 'total eclipse of the heart'.

Potential nicknames: Bonn.

Bronwen – A Celtic name meaning 'blessed raven'. Very similar to Branwen and Bronwyn. A notable bearer of this name is Bronwen Maher, Irish politician.

Potential nicknames: Bron.

Brigitte – Means 'strength' and is of french origin. Famous namesakes include Brigitte Bardot, French singer and actress, and Brigitte Macron, First Lady of France.

Potential nicknames: Bridge.

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Cecelia – A Latin name meaning 'blind', but please don't let that you off. This beautiful name is a spelling variation of Cecilia, and can be shortened to sweet nicknames like Cece and Celia. Author Cecelia Ahern (best known for writing P.S. I love you) is a popular namesake of this name.

Potential nicknames: Cece, Celia.

Clara – A Latin name meaning 'clear, bright, famous'. It's probably best known as the name of the main protagonist in Tchaikovsky's ballet 'The nutcracker'.

Could be short for: Clarissa.

Conwenna – A Cornish name with uncertain meaning. It's related to the similar Cornish name Morwenna, which was featured in Cornish BBC drama Poldark.

Potential nicknames: Connie.

Coretta – A Greek name meaning 'maiden girl'. It's the name of civil rights actress and wife of Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King.

Potential nicknames: Cora, Etta.

Cressida – Means 'gold' and is of Greek origin. Cressida Granger, British entrepreneur, is a notable namesake.

Potential nicknames: Cressa.

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Damara – A Greek name meaning 'gentle girl'. This is a very unusual name and although me found no namesakes for Damara as a full name, our suggested nickname Mara does have a few, including Mara Wilson, American actress best known for her starring role in Matilda.

Potential nicknames: Mara

Danae – A Greek name with unknown meaning. Australian Paralympic swimmer Danae Sweetapple is a notable namesake.

Potential nicknames: Dana, Dan.

Daphne – Means 'Laurel tree' and is of Greek origin. The most popular reference to this name is likely the character Daphne from popular children's television show Scooby Doo.

Potential nicknames: Daph.

Delilah – A Hebrew name meaning 'delight'. This name got a lot of attention when the popular song 'Hey there Delilah' was first released in 2006. This makes a lovely full name to accompany a nickname of choice.

Potential nicknames: Dellie, Lila, Lilah.

Dodie  - An English name meaning 'gift of god'. It is often chosen as a nickname for different variations of Dorothy. It can also be spelt Dody or Dodi.

Could be short for: Dorothy, Dorothea.

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Ebony – An English name with the meaning 'deeply black wood'. It is also the name of social media influencer and singer Ebony Day.

Potential nicknames: Eb, Bonny.

Eimear – An Irish Gaelic name meaning 'swift'. It has a whole host of complicated spellings, however they are all pronounced 'Ee-mer'. Alternative spellings include; Emer, Eimhear, Eimer, Éimhear, Éimear and Eimhir.

Potential nicknames: Eims.

Elenor – An English name with an unknown meaning. It can also be spelt Eleanor. A very notable name sake is Elenor Rosevelt, former First lady of the United States.

Potential nicknames: Elle, Ellie, Nora.

Elba – An Italian name which refers to the Island in Tuscany.

Potential nicknames: El.

Emmeline – An old French name meaning 'work'. This name has one very notable namesake, Emmeline Pankhurst, British political and women's rights activist.

Potential nicknames: Em, Emmie.

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Faye – An English name meaning 'fairy'.  A notable namesake is Faye Tozer, a singer known for being one fifth or pop band Steps, and for getting to the final in the 2018 series of Strictly Come Dancing.

Felicity – A Latin name meaning 'good fortune'.  Notable people with this name include Felicity Jones, British actress best known for her role as Jane Hawking in The Theory of Everything, and Felicity Huffman, American actress best known for her work in US drama Desperate Housewives.

Potential nicknames: Fliss, Flick, Licy/Lissy, Fee.

Ferne – Also sometimes spelt Fern, is a Scottish name which refers to the plant of the same name. It was the name of the main character 'Fern Arable' in E. B. White's 'Charlottes Web'.


Fleur – A french name meaning 'flower'. Fleur was used to name the character Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter Franchise.

Potential nicknames: Flo, Fee.

Finella – A Scottish name meaning 'white shoulder'.  It can also be spelt 'Fenella'. A notable namesake is Fenella Fudge, BBC Radio newsreader.

Potential nicknames: Fin, Nelly.

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Gabriella – Means 'god is my strength' and is of Italian origin. It can also be spelt Gabriela, and has notable namesakes such as Gabriella Cilmi, singer best known for song 'Sweet About Me', and Gabriella 'Ella' Henderson, singer who is known best from her appearance on The X Factor.

Potential nicknames: Ella, Gaby.

Geena – This name doesn't have one meaning or origin as it is a nickname for multiple different names. Actress Geena Davis uses this shortening as a nickname for Virginia.

Could be short for: Virginia, Regina, Angelina.

Gloriana - Latin for 'glory'. The most popular reference to this name is likely the American country band named Gloriana.

Potential nicknames: Glory, Lori, Ana.

Gianna – Means 'the lord is gracious' in Italian. This name could be a shortened version of 'Giovanna', and could be spelt 'Gianna'. It is pronounced 'Jahn-ah'. A notable namesake is Giovanna Fletcher, author and podcaster.

Potential nicknames: Gi, Gia.

Grace – An English name meaning 'virtue'. Most known person with this name is likely Grace Kelly, American film actress who became princess of Monaco in 1956).

Potential nicknames: Gray.

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Halle – An English name which means 'dweller at the meadow by the manor. Made popular by actress Halle Berry, although it's most common spelling is 'Hallie'.

Potential nicknames: Hal.

Harper – An English name meaning, believe it or not, 'harp player'.  This name has had a surge on popularity in recent years as a result of Victoria and David Beckham using it for their daughter. Their inspiration came from Harper Lee, author of 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

Potential nicknames: Harry.

Henrietta – A French name meaning 'estate ruler'.  It is an alternate version of Henriette (a feminine version of Henri), and can be shortened to Harriet.

Potential nicknames: Harriet, Harry, Hetty, Hattie, Etta/Ettie.

Helena – A Greek name meaning 'bright, shining light'. A notable bearer of this name is actress Helena Bonham Carter.

Potential nicknames: Lena, Hellie.

Hester – A Persian name meaning 'star'. It is a variant name of Esther, used a lot more widely.

Potential nicknames: Hetty, Etty.

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Ianthe – A Greek name meaning 'purple flower'. In ancient mythology Ianthe was the daughter of Oceanus, supreme ruler of the sea. It was said that she was so beautiful that when she died the gods made purple flowers grow around her grave.

Potential nicknames: Ana, Annie.

Isadora – A Greek name meaning 'gift of Isis' the ancient Egyptian goddess. Famous namesake is Isadora Duncan, an American and French dancer.

Potential nicknames: Isa, Dora, Ada.

Isla – A Spanish name meaning 'Island', pronounced 'Eye-la'. It could also refer to the Scottish Island 'Islay'. Actress Isla Fisher is a well known bearer of the name.

Ismerie – A french name with unknown meaning. It is the French variation of Ismeria. Other than this, it is quite a mysterious name, with not much known about it. It's pronounced 'Eez-meh-ree'.

Potential nicknames: Issy, Marie.

Ivanie – A Russian name meaning 'god is gracious'. It is the name of Canadian speed skater Ivanie Blondin. It is a variation of Ivana.

Potential nicknames: Iva, Anie.

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Jacinda – A Spanish name for the Greek flower 'hyacinth'. Best known name sake is Jacinda Barrett, recognised for her role in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, and her recurring role in suits. The original spelling of her name is 'Giacinta'.

Potential nicknames: Jace.

Januaria – Meaning 'January' in Portuguese. This name has been given to Princess Januaria or Brazil, but nowadays is more commonly given in its English form as a feminine name. January Jones is a good example of this.

Potential nicknames: Jan, Jane, Aria.

Jemima – A Hebrew name meaning 'dove'. A notable namesake is Jemima Goldsmith, English journalist, editor, heiress and activist. It is also the name of the main character in Beatrix Potter's book 'The tale of Jemima puddle-duck'.

Potential nicknames: Jem, Emmy.

Juliette – A French name meaning 'youthful'.  An alternate spelling to that used for the main protagonist in Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'.

Potential nicknames: Jules, Ettie.

Juno – A Latin name meaning 'Queen of the Heavens'.  Although this name is unusual, it's most popular reference is the film 'Juno' starring Ellen Page. It also has notable namesake Juno Temple, actress best known for her roles in Wild Child, St. Trinians, and Netflix series Dirty John.

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Kalliope – Also commonly spelt Calliope, means 'beautiful voice' in Greek. In Greek mythology Calliope is the Muse who presides over eloquence and epic poetry.

Potential nicknames: Callie, Kallie, Allie.

Karena – A Scandinavian name meaning 'pure'. It is a spelling variation of the more commonly seen Karina, but can also be spelt Carina or Carena. Ukranian dancer Karina Smirnoff is known for her appearance as a professional on the US show Dancing with the Stars.

Potential nicknames: Karrie, Carrie, Rena.

Katerina – A Macedonian name meaning 'pure'.  Actress and namesake Katerina Graham (best known for her role in The Vampire Diaries) uses the shortened version of Kat.

Potential nicknames: Kat, Trina, Terri.

Keziah – A Hebrew name which refers to the 'Cassia Tree'. It's the name given to a daughter of Job in the Hebrew bible. When Job passed away, all three daughters received an in heritance, an unusual occurrence for the time, and as a result the name has come to symbolise female equality.

Potential nicknames: Kez.

Kirsten – A Scandinavian name meaning 'anointed'. A well known bearer of this name is Kirsten Dunst, whose acting credits include titles like Little Women, Jumanji and Spider-Man, among many more.

Potential nicknames: Kirsty.

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Layla – An Arabic name meaning 'night'.  Alternative spellings include; Leila, Leyla and Laela. Layla was the subject of a song (by the same name) written and performed by Eric Clapton. His inspiration for the song came from the classic Persian love story 'Layla and Majnun'.

Lenora – An English name with unknown meaning. Alternative spellings include Lenorah and Leonora. It is a diminutive of Eleonora or Eleanor.

Potential nicknames: Leo, Nora.

Leona – A Latin name meaning 'lioness'. It is the female variant of Leon, the Latin word for Lion. Leona Lewis is a well known Leona, rising to fame after winning The X Factor.

Potential nicknames: Leo.

Liana – A French name meaning 'to climb like a vine'. A notable Liana is Liana Liberato, an American actress known for her role in the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks novel 'The Best of Me'.

Could be short for: Eliana, Juliana, Liliana.

Loretta – An English name meaning 'bay laurel'. An alternative spelling is 'Lauretta'. 

Potential nicknames: Etta, Ettie.

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Mabelle – A Latin name meaning 'lovable'. It is a spelling variation of the name 'Mabel', which is a variation of the name 'Maeve'.

Potential nicknames: May, Belle.

Madelaine – A French name meaning high tower. It is a spelling variation of the name 'Madeleine'. Other spelling variations include 'Madelynn', and 'Madilyn', among others.

Potential nicknames: Maddy, Lainey.

Mathilde – The French variation of Matilda, meaning 'battle mighty'. A notable person with this name is actress Tilda (shortened version of Matilda) Swinton, known for her roles in the Chronicles of Narnia films and Avengers.

Potential nicknames: Tilda.

Maya – A Hebrew name meaning 'water'. Spelling variations include; Maia and Myah. Maya is the name given to African-American author and poet Maya Angelou.

Potential nicknames: May.

Meena – A Hindi name meaning 'blue semi-precious stone'. It is the name of a tribe mainly found in Rajasthan, India. It is a spelling variation of 'Mina', the name given to character Mina McKee in children's book 'Skellig' and its prequel 'My name is Mina'.

Potential nicknames: Minnie.

Could be short for: Wilhelmina, Emmeline.

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Nahla – An Arabic name meaning 'a drink of water'. It is a spelling variation of the name given to character 'Nala' in Disney animation 'The Lion King'. It has come into light after actress Halle Berry used it for her daughter.

Nathalia – A Portuguese name meaning 'birthday, of the lord'. A  notable person with this name is Nathalia Crane, poet and novelist.

Potential nicknames: Nat, Thalia.

Niamh – An Irish name meaning 'radiant'. It is pronounced 'Nee-ve', and can also be spelt 'Neve', 'Nieve' and 'Neave'. A notable Niamh, is Niamh McCarthy, Irish Paralympics discus thrower.

Noelle – This name is the French word for Christmas.

Potential nicknames: Noie, Elle.

Norah – A Latin name meaning 'Woman of Honor'. It can also be spelt Nora, and is often short for Honora. A very notable person with this name is Norah Jones, American singer.

Potential nicknames: Norrie.

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Odella – An English name from the Greek word for Song.

Potential nicknames: Della, Ella.

Olive – An English name from Latin origins, meaning Olive tree. It is a variation of the more common name Olivia, and the female version of Oliver. A notable namesake is Olive Cook, who was a British writer and artist.

Potential nicknames: Oli, Livvy.

Ophelia – A Greek name meaning 'help'. Although it is a very unusual name, and its most popular reference is to the character of the same name in Shakespeare's Hamlet, it does have a more modern namesake. Ophelia Lovibond, actress known for her role as Carina in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Potential nicknames: Elia.

Oralie – A French name meaning 'the golden one'.  It is a spelling variation of the name Auralie, and a variant of Oralia or Auralia.

Potential nicknames: Ora, Ali.

Orphea – A Greek mythology name. It traces back to the Greek prophet, Orpheus. If you're looking for an unusual name with an interesting origin, this may be a strong option for you.

Potential nicknames: Phea.

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Penelope – A Greek name meaning 'weaver'. Its most well known namesake is probably Penelope Cruz, a Spanish actress known for her roles in James Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean, and as Pelagia in Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

Potential nicknames: Penny.

Persephone – A Greek mythology name. It is pronounced 'Per-sef-o-nee'. It is the name of the daughter of Zeus and Demeter (queen of the harvest).

Potential nicknames: Persie, Sephy.

Philippa – A Greek name meaning 'lover of horses'. A notable person by this name is Philippa (Pippa) Middleton, sister of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Potential nicknames: Pippa.

Posy – An English name meaning 'a bunch of flowers'. A notable Posy is Posy Simmonds, author and illustrator of Tamara Drewe, later turned into a TV adaptation starring Gemma Arterton.

Could be short for: Rosemary.

Primrose – An English name meaning 'the first rose'. The name is given to a character in the popular series 'The Hunger Games'.

Potential nicknames: Prim, Rose, Rosy/Rosie.

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Quintessa – A Latin name meaning 'essence'.

Potential nicknames: Quin, Tess, Tessa.

Quilla – An English name meaning 'hollow stick' (referring to the object 'quill').

Potential nicknames: Quill.

Quintia – A Latin name meaning 'the fifth'.

Potential nicknames: Quin, Tia.

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Ramona – A Spanish name meaning 'wise protector'. Little known fact, if is the middle name of singer Avril Lavine.

Potential nicknames: Mona.

Rayna - A Hebrew name for 'song of the lord'. Alternative spellings include; Reyna, Raina, Reina, and Rena.

Potential nicknames: Ray.

Roberta – An English name meaning 'bright fame'.

Potential nicknames: Bobby, Berta.

Rosalie – A French name meaning 'rose'.

Potential nicknames: Rose, Rosie, Allie.

Ruth – Means 'compassionate friend' in Hebrew. A notable Ruth is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, supreme court justice. It can also be spelt 'Ruthe'.

Potential nicknames: Rue.

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Saoirse - An Irish name meaning 'liberty'. It is pronounced 'Seer-sha'. A notable person with this name is Saoirse Ronan, Irish actress.

Potential nicknames: you may have to get creative with this one.

Serena – A Latin name meaning 'tranquil' or 'serene'. A very inspirational namesake is professional tennis player, Serena Williams.

Potential nicknames: Rena.

Shauna - A Hebrew name meaning 'God is gracious'. An alternative spelling is Seána.

Sofina – An Arabic name meaning 'ship'.

Potential nicknames: Sofie.

Suki – A Japanese name meaning 'loved one'. It can be spelt 'suky' or 'Sukie'. A notable namesake is Suki Waterhouse, actress and model known for her roles in The Divergent Series, and The Bad Batch.

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Tabitha – Means 'gazelle' in Aramaic. It is the name given to the feline character in Beatrix Potter's children's books, Tabitha Twitchet.

Potential nicknames: Tabby, Tibby.

Tallulah – An Irish name (anglicised from Tuilelaith) meaning 'lady of abundance'. A notable Tallullah is Tallulah Willis, Actress and daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.

Potential nicknames: Tally, Lula.

Thandie – A South African name meaning 'loving one'.  A notable person by this name is Thandie Newton, actress known for her roles in Westworld and Line of Duty. It is pronounced with a silent 'h', so said as if spelt 'Tandie'.

Potential nicknames: Andie, Thand.

Thea – A Greek name, with various meanings derived from different origins. It is a nickname; however it can be short for a number of given names.

Could be short for: Theodora, Dorothea, Timothea, Althea.

Tulia – A Roman name with unknown meaning.

Potential nicknames: Lia.

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Ulla – A Scandinavian name meaning 'will' and 'determination'.

Could be short for: Ursula, Ulrika.

Una – An Irish name meaning 'lamb'. It can also be spelt Úna, Oona, Oonagh. A notable person with this name is Una Healy, Irish singer and one fifth of girl band 'The Saturdays'.

Urania – A Greek name meaning 'heavenly. In Greek mythology, Urania was the muse of astronomy.

Potential nicknames: Raina, Rainy.

Ursa – A Latin name meaning 'little bear'. Ursa is the name given to two bear constellations (Major and Minor).

Could be short for: Ursula.

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Vera – A Russian name meaning 'faith'. A very notable name sake is Dame Vera Lynn, an English singer and actress widely known as the 'Forces' Sweetheart' as she gave outdoor concerts for the troops in Egypt, India and Burma during the war. 

Verity – A Latin name meaning 'truth'. Damien Hirst gave this name to one of his statues, located in Devon, England. It depicts a pregnant woman, standing on law books, holding a sword and the scales of justice, and when first created it was the tallest statue in the UK.

Veronica – A Latin name meaning 'she who brings victory'.

Potential nicknames: Ronnie, Roni.

Vianne – A French name meaning 'grace'. Vianne was the name given to the heroine of the movie 'Chocolat'.

Potential nicknames: Vi, Annie.

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Wenna – A Cornish name meaning 'white'. It is the name of a Cornish saint, Saint Wenna.

Could be short for: Morwenna, Conwenna.

Wilhemina – A German name meaning 'Resolute protection'.

Potential nicknames: Willa, Mina

Willa – An English name meaning 'desire' or 'will'.

Could be short for: Wilhemina.

Winona – A Sioux Indian name meaning 'first born daughter'. It can be alternatively spelt Wynona or Wynonna. A notable person by this name is Winona Ryder, American actress known for her roles in Little Women, and Edward Scissor hands, and more recently from her role as Joyce Byers in Netflix series 'Stranger Things`.

Potential nicknames: Winnie, Nonnie.

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Xanthe  - A Greek name meaning 'golden'. Pronounced 'Zan-thee'.

Potential nicknames: Xanna (pronounced Zanna).

Xanthipe – A Greek name meaning 'golden horse'. Pronounced 'Zan-tip-ee'.

Potential nicknames: Xanna (pronounced Zanna).

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Yael – A Hebrew name meaning 'to acsend'. Pronounced 'Yah-ehl'. A notable name sake is Yael Naim, singer best known for hit song 'New Soul'.

Yulia – A Russian name meaning 'youth'. It's Latin equivalent is the better known 'Julia'. An alternative spelling is Yuliya.

Yvie – A Hebrew name meaning 'alive'. It is pronounced the same as name Evie, which is a more common spelling alternative. Close variations to this name are Yve/Eve.

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Zaida - An Arabic name meaning 'prosperous'.  Pronounced 'Zah-EE-dah'.

Potential nicknames: Ida (EE-dah).

Zahra – An Arabic name meaning 'flower'. It is a spelling alternative to the more common 'Zara'. Variants of this name include; Zehra, Zohra, Zohre, and Zuhra.

Zanna – A Polish variation of Jane, meaning 'god is gracious'. A notable person by this name is Zanna Van Dijk, British fitness influencer and entrepreneur.

Zofia – A Slavic name meaning 'wisdom'. It is a variant of Sofia.

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