Baby Present Ideas

Baby Present Ideas

When friends or family have a baby, it's an exciting time for everyone involved, and everyone loves to buy a present for the baby. But how do you choose what to buy?

Here's some questions to think about before you start looking!

What is the sex of the baby?
A lot of the items are unisex or come in neutral colours, so you can buy your present before the baby is born, and know that it will suit a boy or a girl. However, some Organic Cotton Clothing is aimed more at boys or girls, so it is helpful to know which your friend is having, or wait to buy your present until after the birth.

Are they first time parents?
First time parents will not have a store of items from previous babies, and will need to buy more things before the baby is born. They will not have any clothes, bedding or toys from a previous child, so will really appreciate any gift.
If it's not their first child, they may already have a lot of the larger items for this baby, but will really appreciate practical gifts, or something fun and unique.

What is your budget?
You can buy a gorgeous pair of Organic cotton soft shoes that come boxed and delivered to the door for as little as £15.94. If you have a larger budget, how about a beautiful willow crib set, handmade in Somerset, with an organic mattress and liner and a stand. It's a gift that will be passed down through generations. You can find gifts for every budget.

Do you want it ready boxed?
There is a large range of products that will be delivered to the door already in a recycled cardboard box, wrapped with a fabric bow. Perfect if you live a long way away and are not going to get a chance to see the new baby for a while, but want to show the family that you are thinking of them.

Would you like to wrap your own?
This opens the gates to a load of opportunities. Why not create your own gift box, with a range of fun and practical items. You can have a bathtime themed box, with gorgeous organic toiletries, an organic cotton baby towel and flannel and a 'Splash' baby book. Or a bedtime themed box, with a baby gown, a bamboo knitted blanket and a hug me bear. It may not be too glamorous, but a changing themed box will definitely be a most useful gift, put in some award winning Organic Baby Wipes, some Organic Cotton Wool, a pack of eco disposable nappies, a roll of biodegradable nappy sacks, and a Jingle Ball to keep baby distracted while Mum and Dad are getting on with the messy business.

If in doubt - ask!
If you really want to know what they need for their new baby, ask the parents. They will appreciate that you want to make sure they have something useful. If you would rather keep it as a surprise, call us on 0800 0345 672 and we can give you the benefit of our experience. If you are still unsure, how about a gift voucher, so they can choose something themselves.

If you get it wrong - don't worry!
Most companies will happily exchange or refund any item that isn't what they needed, so there's no need to worry, just check exchange policies before you buy.

Look for companies that offer a 'No quibble' refund policy, and will be happy to exchange any items if there is something else they would like.

What not to buy!!
So often new mums will be given impractical for their baby, maybe toys that are too grown up for them to use for years or items of clothing that they will never wear because they are too fiddly to do up. I have met many a mum who was given so many newborn baby clothes that their baby grew out of them before they got to wear them! If you are buying a toy, remember to check that it is suitable for a newborn baby.

Some of the best new arrival baby gifts that a new parent will receive are larger clothes and larger nappies. Most of the time the new parents are inundated with size newborn and small nappies and size zero to three months clothing. However, these clothes and nappies will only last the baby for so long. If you want to be helpful, purchase clothes in size six months or higher and nappies in size medium or large. That way the new parents will have a stash of bigger things to use when the baby gets older and they will not have to go out and purchase all of it.

When new parents receive a gift from you, they will be thrilled that you have gone to the trouble of buying them and their precious new baby something, but why not take a little extra time to make sure that what you buy is something really useful?

Having a new baby is a very tiring time, but give a really thoughtful, beautiful and useful gift will it will be truly appreciated.

Baby clothes are incredibly useful, a newborn baby may require a couple of changes each day, which means they get through a lot of clothes! Newborn babies have very sensitive skin, which is why Organic Cotton baby clothes are worth investing in, as the cotton is grown without the use of any fertilizers. Cotton is the most heavily sprayed crop in the world. Pesticides can remain in the fibres even after washing and are easily absorbed by the skin, especially sensitive baby skin.

There is a great range of baby clothes available, seriously cute, but why not splash out and get an item in 2 sizes, 0-3 and 3-6 months, so your gift can be enjoyed for longer, and mum doesn't have to run out to buy bigger clothes as soon as baby grows out of the newborn sizes.

Don't forget mum when buying presents. They need to be spoilt too, after all, they have just brought a new baby into the world! How about treating them to a gorgeous set of organic toiletries, so she can relax with a soak in the bath and let dad take over for half an hour! (I've also known some new dads love the New Parent Instant Revitaliser too!)

We love your ideas and comments!

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