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The Coco Mat

The Latex Mat

The Mohair Mat


Ideal for cribs, moses baskets, prams and cots.
Designed with newborns in mind the Coco Mat is all about getting your baby off to sleep safely. Made using entirely organic materials which naturally help regulate air flow and body temperature.


Perfect for babies and growing children.
With its core of natural rubber latex (tapped from rubber trees) this mattress provides medium support for newborns and older babies. Layers of organic coir, organic lambswool and a cotton cover make this a seriously comfy mattress, while the latex at its heart means it's very breathable - ideal for keeping babies temperature just so on warmer nights.


Just perfect for cots and cotbeds!
With a heart of horsetail and layers of organic coir and mohair, this is a firmer mattress for older and heavier babies. It boasts wonderful spring, breathability and insulation and, with its cotton cover is a mattress Mother Nature would definitely approve of.

Why choose an Organic Mattress?

Standard mattresses are often made from flammable synthetic materials which require strong chemical fire retardants to make the material compliant with EU safety regulations. Many parents have concerns about the effect of these chemicals on their sleeping baby.

Our three unique handmade cot mattresses deliver comfort, ventilation, spring and safety, without the use of harsh chemicals. The organic and natural materials used are naturally fire retardant and all the mattresses pass the strict fire and safety regulations as required by BSEN597 and BS7177. They also comply with BS 1877 Part 10.

Why natural fibres are best

Babies spend over half their lives asleep, so creating a safe, healthy and comfortable sleeping environment is one of the most important things a parent can do for their child. We have discovered the amazing potential of natural and organic materials, like organic coir, natural latex, lambswool, horsetail hair, mohair and organic cotton. Natural Mat parents can be peaceful in the knowledge that they are doing the very best for their children - and for the world they live in.



Natural, Organic and Green

From cot bed to flower bed, our handmade mattresses are made from organic and sustainable sources of raw materials. all of which are biodegradable and comply with fair trade policies. Our 'wool project' means we keep an eye on our carbon footprint by using organic lambswool from local Soil Association farms in the Westcountry.

Our organic lambswool comes exclusively from local farms around Devon and Dorset who are certified organic by the Soil Association. All our organic wool is washed and processed on the edge of Dartmoor using water from the river dart and we ensure that all water used in washing the wool is recycled into the river with no environmental impact. Even our packaging is eco friendly, made from potato starch and a mixture of recyclable and renewable paper sources from the Forestry Stewardship Council.

We're green...and we're getting greener by the minute.


A breathable mattress is essential for babies as they cannot easily regulate their own body temperature. A poorly ventilated mattress may cause their temperature to go up and down quickly creating discomfort and waking them up. The natural fibres we use are inherently breathable and self ventilating, allowing a constant circulation of air around the mattress. This helps your baby regulate their temperature so they remain cool and comfortable through the night. No waking up and no tears.

Non-allergenic and Anti-Dust Mite

More and more babies suffer from allergies and asthma, which are caused by dust mites. We work hard to protect your baby from them. Our organic lambswool is bathed in a mixture of essential oils of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus, which renders our mattresses anti-dust mite and gives certified allergy protection. Our natural latex foam offers complete protection from dust mites and is 100% hypoallergenic. Dust mites are killed at 57° and as every mattress has a removable pure cotton cover which can be machine washed at 60°, those pesky dust mites don't stand a chance.

Naturally Fire Retardant

We are proud to be the first company in the UK to pass all British Standards, European and USA fire regulations without the use of any chemicals, unnatural treatments or fire retardant additives.

Comfort and Support

Our mattresses have naturally sprung cores which provide a far superior and longer lasting level of support than any other synthetic foam or spring. It is important to us that our mattresses support your child's body and pressure points during the most vital growth and development phases of their lives.

All Naturalmat mattresses come with a one year manufacturers guarantee.

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