Beaming Baby
Bio Degradable Nappies
Maxi Plus
Size 4
34 nappies
9 to 15 kg, 23 to 34 lb

Ref: 30004K

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Beaming Baby~Bio Degradable Nappies ~ Maxi Plus ~Size 4 ~ 34 nappies~9 to 15 kg, 23 to 34 lb

Beaming Baby Biodegradable maxi plus nappiesBeaming Baby Biodegradable maxi plus nappies
Biodegradable Nappies and PackagingGM Free Nappies
Vegan Approved, No animal products used in these nappiesBeaming Baby Biodegradable disposable nappies
  • No Nappy Rash after 7 Days or Your Money Back
  • The World's First Bio-Degradable Disposable Nappy
  • Give Your Baby The HEALTHIEST Start to Life
  • Protect Your Baby from Harsh Chemicals in Standard Nappies
  • Extreme Comfort with Stretchy Back and Side Panels
  • Get a Full Night's Sleep! with the Totally GM Free Absorbent Core



Beaming Baby Bio Degradable Nappies Maxi Plus

Beaming Baby~Bio Degradable Nappies ~ Maxi Plus ~Size 4 ~ 34 nappies~9 to 15 kg, 23 to 34 lb

Bulk Buy Case Size= 4 x 34 Nappies
Size 4 Maxi Plus to fit: 23-34lbs, 9-15kg
Colour Code: Pink

Bulk Buy and Save up to 10% on Beaming Baby Nappies

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Beaming Baby Bio-Degradable Nappies Size 4 Maxi Plus

Congratulations! By buying Beaming Baby Bio-Degradable Nappies, YOU have taken a big step towards giving YOUR BABY the HEALTHIEST start to life!

Most babies suffer from Nappy Rash, Eczema, Asthma or Sensitive Skin Problems in their first three years of life. Many of these problems can be easily solved by avoiding harsh chemicals.

Beaming Baby's Bio-Degradable Nappies contain 54% LESS chemicals than standard nappies (and 38% less than other eco-nappies).

By using Beaming Baby's Bio-Degradable Nappies, you have shown that you are in the TOP 5% of mums who will go the EXTRA MILE to protect your baby from the harsh chemicals in standard baby products.

Not only will you be DRAMATICALLY reducing the number of chemicals which YOUR BABY comes into contact with on a daily basis, but also, you can rest assured that you are using the most environmentally friendly baby essentials on the planet!


Your baby will probably wear a nappy most of the day and night, with only a few breaks for bathing, changing and the occasional 'free range' moment!

Not only have we RADICALLY reduced the chemicals in these nappies, but we have also introduced a REVOLUTIONARY Naturally Breathable Layer against your baby's skin. Combined with a TOTALLY GM FREE Absorbent Core to keep the wetness away from your baby's bottom for up to 12 hours.

GENTLY infused with Chamomile to PROTECT and SOOTH sensitive skin. Giving your baby the perfect solution for NATURALLY HEALTHY skin.

HOW WILL MY BABY BE HAPPIER With Beaming Baby Size 4 Nappies?

Your beautiful baby will want to WRIGGLE, move and SNOOZE with ease and COMFORT so we have developed SOFT stretchy panels on both sides and at the back to accommodate every position for both day and night. And of course, being a healthier little one, due to less chemical exposure, your baby is certain to be HAPPIER too!

YOUR HAPPINESS GUARANTEED with Beaming Baby Maxi Plus Nappies!

We GUARANTEE that YOUR BABY will be HEALTHIER and HAPPIER with Beaming Baby Essentials than any other baby brand.

If you and your baby are not TOTALLY HAPPY with any Beaming Baby Product, just call or email us for an immediate, no quibble credit or refund. We'll even collect any unopened products entirely Free of Charge!

To find out more about our AMAZING GUARANTEES, please visit our website or call our FREE helpline: 0800 0345 672

Have you tried our Certified Organic Baby Wipes?

Have you tried our Bio Degradable Nappy Sacks?

We believe these are the world's most advanced environmentally friendly disposable nappies with premium performance, designed for superior comfort during an active day and to last for up to 12 hours to encourage a good night's sleep!

They use 54% less chemicals than standard disposable nappies and are kind to all babies; especially those with eczema or sensitive skin (try our Organic Baby Lotion and Organic Baby Wipes).

They form a naturally breathable layer against your baby's skin; the top sheet is made with natural cotton and cornstarch fibres.
Beaming Baby Bio Degradable Nappies Maxi Plus, Size 4, go to the top of the page

WHAT ABOUT OUR WONDERFUL PLANET? How do Beaming Baby Nappies Care for Planet Earth?

OVER 77% BIO-DEGRADABLE, (including the packaging) that's 53% more biodegradable than standard disposable nappies and 33% more biodegradable than eco-disposable nappies; this is the most biodegradable disposable nappy currently available in the UK.

Most of the nappy biodegrades within 4 years instead of the MIND BLOWING 400 years that standard nappies take! Making the world a cleaner and better place for your baby to grow up!

Our factory is currently building a WIND FARM, to help us achieve our goal to be CARBON NEUTRAL and reduce Global Warming for our children.

For clean, easy, environmentally disposal, use with Beaming Baby Organic Wipes and Bio-degradable Nappy Sacks

They have a biodegradable water resistant outer sheet made with natural cotton and cornstarch paper.

The absorbent layer is fortified with 100% natural cornstarch.

The packaging is bio-degradable to further reduce the impact on the environment.

Tie me up and dispose of me hygienically please I'm bio-degradable, but please don't flush me in case I block your loo!

Beaming Baby biodegradable nappies are totally chlorine free and contain only clean plastics which are used in the Velcro patch and elasticated back and side panels.

Following fantastic customer feedback, we have adjusted the recommended weights for each nappy
Beaming Baby Bio Degradable Nappies Maxi Plus, Size 4, Top of the Page

How are Beaming Baby's disposable nappies made?

The naturally breathable inner sheet of the nappy which lies against your baby's sensitive skin is made with natural cotton and cornstarch fibres woven into a soft fabric sheet.

The absorbent layer inside the disposable nappy is made primarily from "fluff", this is very finely shredded paper, which has the consistency of cotton wool.

Intermingled with the "fluff" are tiny balls of 'gel'. In Beaming Baby Bio degradable nappies, we use a mixture of Biodegradable Gel, made from GM Free Cornstarch and standard Gel - this is very similar to the silica gel you may see in a camera case - designed to keep the camera dry.

The back sheet is also made from a breathable cotton and cornstarch material designed to allow air through one way, but keep the moisture inside to ensure your baby's clothes stay dry.

The Velcro-style fasteners are made from polypropylene; a 'clean plastic', these are designed to be strong enough for re-fastening and soft and smooth if they come into contact with your baby's sensitive skin.

Our eco nappies are designed to fit perfectly, with stretchy panels on both sides and at the back, as well around the legs.

This is not only far more comfortable for your baby, but it also helps to avoid those infuriating leaks that wet baby's clothes.

Beaming Baby's environmentally friendly nappies are designed to give your baby extra comfort during an active day and to help baby sleep through the night.

Vegan Society Approved, No animal products used in these Nappies.

1 box of maxi plus nappies = 4 packs and weighs 6.2kg

Bulk Buy and Save up to 10% on Beaming Baby Bio Degradable Nappies Maxi Plus, Size 4

Beaming Baby Bio Degradable Nappies Maxi Plus


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Customer Reviews

  1p Difference!  Just done a few sums - we seem to be paying only 1p more per nappy for beaming baby's nappies than for Pampers - a small price to pay for chemical free nappies for my baby - not to mention being free from "landfill guilt". Well done Beaming Baby.   (20/02/2012) Janice - Devon

  Great environmentally friendly nappy  We are very concious of the envrionmental impact of nappies and recently our son has grown out of the washable nappies we had. These nappies are the best on the market for value and biodegradability. Our environmental impact is minimsed by using Beaming Baby nappies.   (24/02/2012) Amy - Reading

  Great environmentally friendlier nappy   Love these nappies that I use at night and when we're out, in addition to my washable nappies. They don't have the nasty chemicals in that the usual nappies do so don't hang down ridiculousy as they get full. They also have a lovely chamomile aroma (prior to filling!).   (26/03/2013) Clare - York