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FREE Beaming Baby Biodegradable Nappy & Trainer Pant Trial Pack

Eco Disposable Nappy Trial Pack


FREE Pull Up Training Pants Trial Pack

nappy trial packs

Would you like to try nappy samples before you buy a whole pack? Thinking of changing to eco disposable nappies but are unsure if you'll like them? We are so sure that you'll love them, we offer nappy trial packs to all our UK customers.

Our best selling Bambo nappy is available in a free nappy trial pack. Just choose the size that you would like from the dropdown list and we will send two free Bambo nappy samples to you.

If you would like to try the Moltex eco nappies, or the gel free Tushies nappies, we'll send two nappy samples to you for a small cost. Just choose the size and the brand that you would like to nappy test, and we will send them out to you.

Our nappy trial packs are also very helpful if you already buy eco disposable nappies from us, and you are unsure if your baby has gone up a size. Before buying in bulk, just order a nappy sample, so that you can be sure you have the correct size for your baby.

Which nappy trial pack?

The Bambo Eco Nappy

These nappies undergo a modern oxygen bleaching process and are free from harmful chemicals, making them kind to baby's skin and highly environmentally friendly. This nappy was awarded the Nordic Swan Eco Label and offers maximum comfort and at the same time minimum harm to the environment.

· 50 - 60% Biodegradable
· Starch Based Absorbent Core
· Oxygen bleached
· Free from lotions & perfumes
· Latex free waistband and cuffs
· Eco-friendly - Nordic Swan Eco Label

The Moltex Eco Nappy

These nappies are free from bleaching agents, TBT and perfumes and are recommended for babies with eczema. This nappy was awarded the Baby & Toddler Gear Platinum Award.

· 50% Biodegradable
· Non - Chlorine Bleached
· Free from TBT and perfumes
· Recommended for babies with eczema
· Baby & Toddler Gear Platinum Award
· Biodegradable packaging

The Tushies Eco Nappy

These nappies have the performance expected but with the advantage of being the only gel free disposable nappy. The nappies are made of a unique blend of cotton and wood pulp and are also free from perfume, latex and dyes.

· 50 - 60% Biodegradable
· Gel free absorbant core
· Free from lotions and perfumes
· Latex & dye free
· Unique blend of cotton and wood pulp

Expert opinion?

In our opinion, and that of our online and natural baby catalogue customers, the best choice of eco-disposable nappy is the Bambo. It is Beaming baby's best value nappy; our best selling nappy, and it is 100% more biodegradable than high street eco-disposable nappies. Bambo are 10% more biodegradable than Moltex nappies, and 10% cheaper per nappy than Moltex nappies. The perfect choice for your baby, the perfect choice for the environment. Still not sure? That is why we offer a nappy trial pack for all three brands of eco disposable nappy, giving you the chance to do a nappy test before you buy. Just select the nappy samples that you would like to try, and we will send them out to you.

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