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August 2022

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Dear Gold Member,

As new parents, when we are witnessing our little one try something difficult for the first time, the temptation to step in and “help” is huge. Every parent knows that moment when their baby takes his first wobbling step away from the edge of the sofa. “Please don’t fall!”... and then they do... about 20 times a day for the next 3 months!

Certainly we should not allow our little ones to take silly risks but taking a step back can give them the confidence to try on their own. Sure, no parent wants their child to be put in any danger but as the old Chinese proverb goes “Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get up”.

Our children surprise us every day. They are bigger and stronger and braver than we could ever have imagined. And we learn that it’s OK to push the limits just a little bit.

They know that you are there to pick them up if they don’t quite make it and that you will be proud of them for trying.

Wishing you and your family a very happy August.

Lovely to hear from you...

Great nappies for fit & comfort

They definitely fit better than other brands we tried and are kind to skin. We will be continuing to use beaming baby!
Mum Rachael

Amazing service and products!!

Tried these for our second baby after using the original nappies for our first baby. We tried other nappies when he was newborn but had lots of nappy rash, therefore went back to our faithfuls and we were not disappointed! No more nappy rash, love that the bamboo ones have a urine indicator on the front. Fit and feel is lovely and service from the team amazing as always! Being able to swap smaller sizes for bigger ones when my little one grows super fast is such an amazing service! Love Beaming Baby! Would highly recommend :)
Mum Maxine

Great product and unbeatable service.

We’ve used Beaming Baby nappies for 3 years and have always been so happy with the quality of the nappies and the customer service. Never had nappy rash. Plus our little one loves the animal pictures printed on the waistbands!
Beaming Baby Mum

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After your baby's birth you are likely to feel a vast mix of emotions... Joy at seeing your baby... Relief you’re no longer pregnant... Fear about how you’ll cope with motherhood.

To stir things up just that little bit extra, you’re pregnancy boosted hormones will suddenly plummet. This increased level of anxiety and tearful feeling usually passes within a short period of time, but if these feelings persist, contact your GP. They will check you are doing okay physically and emotionally.


After pregnancy your body will need time to recover, but many mums are keen to regain their pre-pregnancy fitness... start slowly and gradually increase the amount and intensity of any exercise.

Continuing to eat healthily after your birth is incredibly important for both you and your baby’s health. It can revitalise you more energy to tend to your precious little one. Remember to keep up your fluids (6-8 glasses a day).


It can be a challenge getting enough sleep in the first few weeks (and months) of your baby’s life. Many mums find that expressing milk for their partner to take over one of the night time feeds helps share out the sleep. Also getting earlier to bed in the evenings (as soon as your baby settles) can enable some extra zzzs. Naps in the day can help too - the jobs can wait!