With your little one getting through a whopping 5,500 nappies throughout their first few years, it is important to think about where they are going after they've done their job.

Did you know that, in the UK, we send 3 billion nappies to landfill each year? And each of those nappies will take an estimated 400 years to decompose.

Biodegradable nappies are a brilliant alternative - giving you all the ease and convenience of disposable nappies, but without the devastating environmental impact. Our nappies will decompose in landfill in just 4 years!

Nappies aren't the only baby essential impacting the environment. The average baby wipe will take over 100 years to break down, and with each baby averaging  around 7,500 wipes a year that adds up to an eye watering 11 billion baby wipes being thrown into landfill or flushed into our sewers and polluting our waterways and seas. Our Beaming Baby biodegradable baby wipes break down in just 2 years.

Our biodegradables aren't just kinder to the environment, but also to your baby's skin. Our products avoid harsh chemicals and bleaches used in baby products around the world. This means we can guarantee NO NAPPY RASH!

Making the switch to biodegradables is such a quick and easy change to make, keeping the ease of disposable nappies while gaining the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your part.

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