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Bo Weevils mission is to contribute to a healthier and better world by promoting and marketing ecologically and socially sustainable cotton and textile, and to make it economically attractive for all parties in the chain.

Bo Weevil aims to increase the market share of organic agriculture with its organic cotton projects. The focus of organic agriculture is on creating a balance between soil, animals, and plants. No chemicals and artificial fertiliser is used and pests are controlled by natural means. The farmers of the projects and Bo Weevil commit themselves to long term agreements. Bo Weevil assists the cotton production and organises the certification and the farmers are able to sell their cotton, guaranteed. Farmers get a fair price for their cotton. Besides Bo Weevil strives to produce clothing and textile that offers advantages to both the people working in the chain and the consumers. It offers health benefits, it increases the share of organic cotton and the consumer makes a statement with the clothing. The high quality fibres make the clothing last longer. The production of the fibres and their processing into fabrics and cloths are carried out with a large respect for man and environment. Our actions are aimed at increasing confidence at all parties involved. We hope to contribute to a sustainable world.

Bo Weevil produces organic cotton in Turkey and in Uganda. The cotton is produced according to the European regulation for organic agriculture (2092/91). In Turkey the organic production is certified by Control Union. Our Ugandan organic cotton is certified by Ecocert International. This cotton also complies with US (NOP) certification. All textile products sold by Bo Weevil are produced with certified organic cotton (fibre) and can be recognized by their trademark: Ecotton®.