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Pure protection for perfect skin

With no petroleum-based ingredients or harsh chemicals to cause irritation, Nature's World Petroleum Free Jelly is a natural, multi-purpose product, which can be used on even the most sensitive skin. Made from a unique formulation of plant-based oils and beeswax, without harmful chemicals or petroleum, this soothing jelly protects and treats dry, sore or chafed skin.

Nature's World Petroleum Free Jelly is very versatile. Use it to:

Moisturise and soften dry skin on the body or face
Prevent and ease nappy rash
Soothe irritated, chapped or sunburnt skin
Remove make up
As a lip balm
For massage
Can be used on hands and feet

Nature's World Petroleum Free Jelly can be used on the cracked skin on hands and feet - try applying to heels at bedtime before slipping into socks or use as a cuticle treatment during your manicure. A gentle make up remover, Nature's World Petroleum Free Jelly even removes mascara, lipstick or children’s face paints. Also perfect for preventing the skin-drying effect of long-haul flights.

Synthetic alternatives

Conventional petroleum products are made from a synthetic chemical (mineral oil) produced as a by-product of the oil industry. As a lubricant for machinery it’s great (which is why most garages and sheds contain a pot) but as a personal care item it’s not so great. Mineral Oil acts as a thin plastic, impenetrable layer on the skin. It is difficult to absorb and clogs the pores slowing the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins - which can promote acne and other skin disorders. It also slows down skin function and normal cell development causing the skin to prematurely age. Mineral oil can be contaminated with cancer causing PAH’s (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons).

For those who have to take particular care it is:

Gluten free - GM free - Soya free - not tested on animals - suitable for vegetarians

It comes in two sizes - a convenient travel/handbag size (15g) and an economical “household” size (125g).

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