NEW Beaming Baby
Organic Bamboo Nappies
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NEW Beaming Baby
Organic Bamboo Nappies
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  • The World's First Organic Bamboo Nappy
    in Paper Packaging!
  • No Nappy Rash after 7 Days or Your Money Back
  • Give Your Baby The HEALTHIEST Start to Life
  • Protect Your Baby from Harsh Chemicals in Standard Nappies
  • Extreme Comfort with Softest Bamboo Waist and Leg Panels
  • Get a Full Night's Sleep! with the Amazing natural absorbency of Organic Bamboo
  • Save the Planet with the most Eco Friendly Nappies in the World!

10% OFF! Special Bulk Buy Offer!
Case of 4 Packs

The UK's Best Selling Organic Bamboo Nappies
Say "Goodbye" to Nappy Rash for Your Baby
No Harsh Chemicals against Your Baby's Skin

Order TODAY for Your Baby's Health and Happiness!

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Beaming Baby Organic Bamboo Nappies
Bulk Buy and Save: Up to 10% on Beaming Baby Organic Bamboo Nappies

Congratulations! By choosing Beaming Baby Organic Bamboo Nappies, YOU have taken a big step towards giving YOUR BABY The HEALTHIEST Start to Life!

Most babies suffer from Nappy Rash, Eczema, Asthma or Sensitive Skin Problems in their first three years of life. Many of these problems can be EASILY solved by avoiding Harsh Chemicals.

Beaming Baby's Organic Bamboo Nappies contain 56% LESS Chemicals than standard nappies (and 40% less than other eco-nappies).

By using Beaming Baby's Organic Bamboo Nappies, you have shown that you are in the TOP 5% of Mums and Dads who will go the EXTRA MILE to protect your baby from the harsh chemicals in standard baby products. Not only will you be DRAMATICALLY reducing the number of chemicals which YOUR BABY comes into contact with on a daily basis, but also, you can rest assured that you are using the Most Environmentally Friendly Baby Essentials on the Planet!


Your Baby will probably wear a Nappy most of the day and night for the first Three Years of their Life, with only a few breaks for bathing, changing and the occasional 'free range' moment!

There is Strong Evidence from Dermatologists in the UK and USA that the Chemicals in Standard Nappies 'contribute to thousands of cases of Baby Nappy Rash  every year'.

This is validated by over 140,000 Beaming Baby Customers, many of whom have reported Nappy Rash literally disappearing when they switch to Beaming Baby Nappies for their Baby.

Not only have we RADICALLY reduced the chemicals in these nappies, and removed any Harsh Chemicals altogether, but we have also introduced a Super-soft inner layer to gently protect and soothe the sensitive areas on Your Baby's bottom. Combined with a Highly Absorbent Organic Bamboo Core to keep the wetness away from your baby's bottom for up to 12 hours.

Giving your baby the perfect solution for NATURALLY HEALTHY skin.

These are The World's Most Advanced, Environmentally Friendly Disposable Nappies with Premium Performance, designed for Superior Comfort during an active day and to last for up to 12 hours to encourage a Good Night's Sleep!

They use 56% Less Chemicals than Standard Disposable Nappies and are Kind to All Babies; especially for those with Eczema or Sensitive Skin.

They form a Super Soft Layer against Your Baby's sensitive skin.

HOW WILL MY BABY BE HAPPIER With Beaming Baby Nappies?

Your Beautiful Baby will want to WRIGGLE, move and SNOOZE with ease and COMFORT so we have developed Brushed SOFT and stretchy Bamboo Fibre material around the legs, tummy and at the back to accommodate every position for both day and night. And of course, being a Healthier Little One, due to less chemical exposure, Your Baby is certain to be HAPPIER too!

YOUR HAPPINESS GUARANTEED with Beaming Baby Nappies!

We GUARANTEE that YOUR BABY will be HEALTHIER and HAPPIER with Beaming Baby Essentials than any other baby brand.

Even Better than that, we Guarantee that after 7 days with Beaming Baby Nappies, Your Baby will not suffer from Nappy Rash, or we'll give you Your Money Back!

If you and your baby are not TOTALLY HAPPY with any Beaming Baby Product, just call or email us for an immediate, no quibble credit or refund. We'll even collect any unopened products entirely Free of Charge!

To find out more about our AMAZING GUARANTEES, please visit our website or call our FREE helpline: 0800 0345 672

Have you tried our Certified Organic Baby Wipes?

Have you tried our Bio-Degradable Nappy Sacks?

Beaming Baby Bio-Degradable Nappies, Go to the Top of the Page


The Bamboo used in this nappy is Certified Organic and the Bamboo Spunlace material is Guaranteed Sustainably Produced.
In addition, it is OVER 78% BIO-DEGRADABLE, (including the packaging) that's 54% more bio-degradable than standard disposable nappies and 34% more bio-degradable than other eco nappies; this is the Most Bio-Degradable and Eco Friendly Nappy in the UK.

Most of the nappy Bio-Degrades within 4 Years instead of the MIND BLOWING 400 Years that standard nappies take! Making the World a Cleaner and Better Place for Your Baby to grow up!

For clean, easy, environmentally friendly disposal, use with Beaming Baby Organic Wipes and Bio-Degradable Nappy Sacks

The Organic Bamboo Absorbent Core has amazing absorbency, to help keep wetness away from your baby's bottom.

The packaging is made with brown paper and recyclable bio-film to further reduce the impact on the environment.

Tie me up and dispose of me hygienically please I'm Bio-Degradable, but please don't flush me in case I block your loo!

Beaming Baby Organic Bamboo nappies Size 1, Mini are Totally Chlorine Free and contain only Clean Plastics which are used in the Velcro patch and elasticated back and side panels.

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Single Pack
1. Mini - 32 Nappies (2-6 kgs, 4-13 lbs)
2. Midi - 30 Nappies (5-8 kgs, 11-18 lbs)
3. Maxi - 26 Nappies (7-11 kgs, 16-25 lbs)
4. Maxi Plus - 24 Nappies (9-15 kgs, 23-34 lbs)
5. Junior - 22 Nappies (15+ kgs, 33+ lbs)
6. XL - 20 Nappies (16+ kgs, 35+ lbs)

Bulk Buy
1. Mini - 128 Nappies (2-6 kgs, 4-13 lbs)
2. Midi - 120 Nappies (5-8 kgs, 11-18 lbs)
3. Maxi - 104 Nappies (7-11 kgs, 16-25 lbs)
4. Maxi Plus - 96 Nappies (9-15 kgs, 23-34 lbs)
5. Junior - 88 Nappies (15+ kgs, 33+ lbs)
6. XL - 80 Nappies (16+ kgs, 35+ lbs)

How are Beaming Baby Organic Bamboo Nappies made?

The heart of the Beaming Baby Organic Bamboo Nappy is the Amazingly Absorbent Core!
You have probably already heard about the incredible absorbency of Bamboo , well this is one place where we can really make full use of the natural talent of this fantastic plant.

The absorbent core of Beaming Baby Organic Bamboo Nappies is made from "Organic Bamboo fluff" , this is very finely shredded bamboo, which has the consistency of cotton wool.

The Organic Bamboo Core provides enough absorbency to keep wetness away from your baby's sensitive skin for up to 12 hours.

Why use Organic Bamboo from an Organic Farm? Well, this is grown without Pesticides or Insecticides, so we can Guarantee that there will be no harmful residues against Your Baby's delicate skin.

Being Certified Organic, the Bamboo plantation and the Factory is regularly inspected, to ensure no chemicals are used and also to check that the team who work on the farm and in the factory are fairly paid and are given respectable and safe working conditions.

The outer layer of the nappy is made from an Organic Bamboo Spunlace material, which is not only beautifully soft and keeps your baby's clothes dry, but it is also biodegradable and highly eco friendly.

The breathable inner layer of the nappy is made using a brushed recyclable fibre, which helps to keep your baby free from Nappy Rash.
This allows us to offer our No Nappy Rash Guarantee on these nappies!

The Velcro-style fasteners are made from polypropylene; a 'Clean Plastic', these are designed to be strong enough for re-fastening and soft and smooth if they come into contact with Your Baby's Sensitive Skin.

These Organic Bamboo Nappies are designed to fit perfectly, with STRETCHY PANELS on both sides and at the back, as well around the legs.

This is not only far more comfortable for Your Baby, but it also helps to AVOID THOSE INFURIATING LEAKS that wet baby's clothes.

Beaming Baby's environmentally friendly nappies are designed to Give Your Baby Extra Comfort during an active day and to Help Baby Sleep through the night.

Vegan Approved! No animal products used in these Nappies.
Bulk Buy and Save up to 10% on Beaming Baby Organic Bamboo Nappies Go to the Top of the Page

Free Next Day Delivery

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Fast, efficient and secure delivery with Beaming Baby
NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY is standard for all orders received by 2pm!
FREE DELIVERY for orders over £60, otherwise £4.95
For Small Orders (less than 1 kg) delivery is only £2.95 - Royal Mail 1st Class.

Orders are despatched every afternoon after 2pm Monday to Friday. Deliveries are normally next day Monday to Saturday.

Delivery to your Work Address - no problem!
Delivery to your UK holiday cottage, hotel or tent! - no problem!
Please call us free on 0800 0345 672 or for mobiles 01803 712779 with any specific delivery requirements, we will do our very best to give You and Your Baby the best possible service!

Everything from Beaming Baby comes with our
100% 365 Day Happiness Guarantee, for You and Your Baby
We also offer Free Returns and Free Collections and Full Refunds on Returned Products.

In the unlikely event of an item being temporarily unavailable, we will contact you straight away. We will normally send the first part of your order immediately and send any remaining items within ten days.

Same price for delivery to anywhere in the UK including Islands of Man, Wight & Scilly!
We are also now able to offer standard courier delivery to the Channel Islands (Jersey & Guernsey) for only £6 per order. Delivery may take 2 to 3 days.
BFPO: for orders sent through the British Forces Postal Office only £12 per parcel (up to 25kg).

As a small family run business we will do all we can to get your order out on time, however during periods of really high demand there may be a slight delay. Please call us free on 0800 0345 672 or email us ( if your order is urgent.For mobiles call 01803 712 779.

For our International Shipping Rates click here
The Beaming Baby Team :)

Your Happiness Guaranteed!

We Guarantee that You and Your Baby will be Healthier and Happier with Beaming Baby Essentials than any other baby brand. Or Your Money Back!

365 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not 100% HAPPY with anything from Beaming Baby, just call or email us for an immediate, no quibble refund. We don't want you to worry about anything at this really exciting time in your life. So if anything doesn't work out quite as expected, just give us a call and we'll sort it out immediately, we'd love to hear from you.


We have a FREEPOST address for smaller items and for bigger things, like nappies, we'll COLLECT them from your house on a day that suits you
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Customer reviews

knowing that this huge amount of waste created for a baby at least is not creating harm to the environment is very reassuring! Happy choice
By Teresa on 18/07/2022
Great nappies, lovely quality, arrived very quickly
By Natalie on 15/06/2022
Great product
Tried these for our second baby after using the original nappies for our first baby. We tried other nappies when he was new born but had lots of nappy rash, therefore went back to our faithfuls and we were not disappointed! No more nappy rash, love that the bamboo ones have a urine indicator on the front. Fit and feel is lovely and service from the team amazing as always
By Maxine on 15/06/2022
Love these nappies!
Regular customer. Love these nappies. Feels much better than non biodegradable ones.
By Liz on 15/06/2022
Long time customer but first time bamboo nappy user
Love these!
By Liz on 15/06/2022
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