Around 12 months most babies are officially becoming toddlers - and by that we mean they are starting to find their feet. The first stage of this is cruising, which is walking while holding on to something (or someone), and it can take a few more months until the walking becomes steady.

So what does this mean? It's time for shoe shopping!

Don't be ticked by the cute designs and nice prices of the baby shoes in the supermarket, once your child is up on two feet they need a properly sized pair of shoes. Why? While your baby's feet are growing, it is crucial for them to get the support needed underfoot. Ill-fitting shoes now can cause a world of issues and pain down the road.

Shoes should be fitted to the half-size and to the width of your baby's feet. In the early stages of walking shoes can be soft but must have non-slip soles - you don't want your little one scared off of walking by a slip. Once your toddler is walking steadily, then it is time for proper shoes - fitted by a qualified shoe fitter. Not only will these provide the support their developing feet need, but will also help improve balance.