Around 16-18 months, your baby's first few teeth might start to find their way out, and cause your little one a lot of discomfort. Here are some signs that your little ones little gnashers are on their way:

- Drool - and lots of it!

- Biting down on EVERYTHING - toys, clothes, you. Chewing provides relief from the discomfort.

- Distress - your little one will most likely become very grumpy, and can you blame them? Their gums may be sore and red, and they may lose their appetite a bit.

Any symptoms other than these could be a sign that something's not quite right, and you should contact your GP immediately.

It's hard as a parent watching your sweet little bundle in so much distress, so here a few things your can do to ease the pain:

- Natural rubber teethers - Giving your child something to gum down on that you know is safe is always a good idea.

- Chilled items - Chilling something for your little one to put into their mouth to soothe the heat of the pain is proven to help. This could be a cold flannel or cloth tied in one end, a teething toy, or chilled purees or yoghurts.

- Teething gel.