Annoying habits

Despite your best efforts, your little tinker will probably pick up a whole host of bad habits from their peers, adults around them, or even the TV!

Here are a few of the common offenders, and how to deal with them:

- Nose-picking. Eugh, right? But for some reason your little ones fingers always end up right back up their nose. The message that this is not acceptable in public may take a while to sink in, but until then keep plenty of tissues and ant-bac to hand - keep those germs at bay.

- Repetition. Insisting on the same book, EVERY night, can get a bit wearing. It may be tempting to suggest something new, or even refuse the old trusty, but we'll let you in on a secret - you toddler loves the shared experience of that book and wants to repeat it every night. Sorry to say, you may just need to suck it up with this one.

- Whining. This is a common stage, and if it's something you want to discourage just tell them "I don't understand you when you talk like that" - they'll soon realise it's not working!

- Biting. Don't stress, it's unfortunately a normal stage that so many toddlers go through. Use their developing ability to empathise as a way to explain that it is not ok. "It makes mummy feel sad when you bite her". Ensure you are always attentive to any calls for attention so they don't get to the stage where they resort to biting.

- Getting nudey. This, again, is a completely normal stage - you just need to enforce that 'private parts are for private places'.