Following on from reusing, if what you've been given/what you already had isn't quite right, you can always turn your hand to upcycling. This may be for toys, bedroom furniture, clothes - the possibilities are endless.

Extend the lifespan of an old toy by giving it a makeover and revamping it for a sibling.

Love the fabric of that old top but it doesn't fit anymore? Sound like a good opportunity to try out a bit of haberdashery and turn it into a new dress for your little cutie. If you have a few items, why not make a quilt, a 'taggy' blanket or even some bunting to decorate a nursery.

You could even use your baby's old onesies to create soft toys, memory bears, pillows and other creative projects.

Not only will you be reusing old items and reducing your waste, you can gain yourself a fun little hobby while you're at it!