This is the first thing that comes to mind for most when the think about reducing the environmental impact having a baby can have. Not only are washable nappies much better for the environment, they're also friendlier on your wallet too. Your little one is likely to go through a whopping 5,500 nappies in their first few years of life. If each nappy costs, on average, 20p that'll set you back £1,100!!

To have enough washables to tide you over full time we recommend 20 nappies, 10 per day and enough to do wash each day. Here at Beaming Baby, you can save 10% by buying 4 or more, so if you were to stock up from our website it would cost £260 and you would save almost £30!

So let's put this into perspective, you could be helping to save the planet AND save yourself £840 in the process? No brainer!

But it's not only nappies that you can buy reusable. Your baby will likely go through 2 packs of baby wipes a week, adding up to an unbelievable 7,500 wipes a year! This will set you back about £450 a year. In your baby's childhood they'll likely whip through about £2,000 worth of wet wipes!

Who likes the sound of reusable wipes? We do!

We recommend between 30-50 wipes to keep you going for two days, and you can wash them alongside your washable nappies. This would cost you up to £129.90, saving you over £1,800!! Phew.

You just need to make sure your washing machine is up to the task...