Terrible Twos

As your toddler nears 2 years old, they'll begin to find their feet, become more independent and learn how to throw a whopper of a tantrum. 2 years old isn't all bad though, your toddler is absolutely smitten with you, and wants to show it in a big way.

But the tantrums are tough, so here's some tips to help you through the next year (or two):

- Stay calm! We all know how frustrating it is when your little one kicks up a stink in public, but keep your cool - you getting worked up too will only make the whole thing worse.

- Try to empathise. There is always a reason behind the meltdown, try to understand what that is. Tired? Hungry? Worried? If your child senses you've understood them, it might just help begin the cool down, after which you can try to meet their needs.

- Distractions. Sing a song, point out a cute animal, change your environment. Make yourself more interesting than the tantrum.

- Don't give in. If your toddler wanted something they can't have, don't change your mind just to end the tantrum - it may be easier in the moment but it'll make your life a whole lot harder in the long run. Stand your ground, but be empathetic.

You'll develop your own strategies as you go for what works best for you and your child, these are just a few helpful hints to start you off. Best of luck!