Fussy Eaters

First of all, don't panic if your child seems like they are refusing to eat almost anything you give them. Our children are very in tune with their bodies and, unlike us who eat for enjoyment and often boredom; they will eat when they're hungry and stop when they're satisfied.

According to research, it can take 10-15 tries of a new food before a child will decide if it's ok or not. So do persevere if you don't succeed at first. However, it is important to acknowledge with your little one that it is ok to have likes and dislikes. If they don't like it - let them know that that is ok. If they're refusing broccoli, try a different vegetable!

Another way to get more grub into your bub is by involving them in the food shopping. Let them choose a new fruit or vegetable to try, or pick their afternoon snack from a few options.

Making meal times fun, and not ritual, will also make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable for everyone. Make a smiley face with their lunch, or a story with their dinner. Sing a song that ends in a mouthful - it may get repetitive for you, but not to them!