Play dates

At around 2 years old, your little one will start to enjoy having friends that are the same age. This means it might be time for some play dates. At this stage a two toddler play date is the best way forward - while learning how to turn take and share toys, as few other hands to want the same thing, the better.

Here are some nice play date ideas for when it's your turn to host:

- Fancy dress. All children love a costume and a bit of role play, so why not encourage this early on!

- If the weather's nice, get the paddling pool out! Cool off in the garden. Maybe even have a water fight - just warn the other parent of your ideas first so they can come prepared! Ensure you always supervise young children when around water.

- Making your own play dough is always a winning activity. There are loads of play dough recipes out there; you can even make it smelly, or edible!

- Cooking or baking is always a nice idea.

Not only will your child enjoy the company, but it is always nice to have a fellow parent to chat to too. Enjoy some adult conversation and have fun!