Baby number 2?

Are you starting to think about another baby? Or maybe number 3?

Adding a new baby into the family is such an exciting time, but it always comes with a lot of changes, especially to your little one(s).

Here are some things to consider when having baby number 2:

- No two pregnancies (or births) are the same. Just because your first was a breeze, doesn't mean your second will be too, or vice versa.

- Two babies are a lot more work than one. This may seem obvious, but just be prepared your job will get twice as hard - but also twice as cute!

- You won't be able to 'sleep when your baby sleeps'. For first time mums, this is great advice, however when you already have one, this will go straight out the window. As soon as your newborn is down for a nap, your eldest will be after some mummy, or daddy, time - and it's important that they get it.

- They might not get along! Siblings are notorious rivals, especially when they're both vying for attention. Make sure you devote enough time to each of your babies - they all need a cuddle from time to time.

When you have your first, you may feel like you will never be able to love something quite as much as your do your baby. When you have a second, it will amaze you even more at how much love you can have for them both.

Read our article 'The older sibling' for tips about how to keep your little one feeling left out when you have a new arrival.