The older sibling

When deciding to have another baby, a bit of consideration should be given to the child/children you already have. If this is your second baby, then your little one is used to having ALL the attention, so sharing this with a very needy newborn can be tough.

Becoming a sibling is a big change and you need to prepare your child for this accordingly. Here are some ideas to help you prepare your little one for the even littler one:

- Be open. Talk to your child about the new baby, and let them share in your excitement. They might not even understand why they are excited, but it will rub off on them.

- Do something special for your older child when the new baby arrives; a special present, a special day out with dad, or grandparents.

- Emphasise their role as 'special helper'. Help then feel important and involved.

- Be honest! If your first-born is old enough to understand, explain that the baby will be cute, but will also cry and sleep a lot - and won't be fun to play with for a good few months.