Nursery time

Childcare is a very personal decision for each family to make; some opt for childminders or nannies, whilst some mums' prefer to be home with little one right up until school. Whatever you do decide, it is worth knowing the pros and cons to every option.

Nurseries and playgroups are one of the most popular options in the UK, especially for parents wanting to return to work. There are a lot of benefits to your child that attending a nursery can have:

- Confidence. Spending time away from parents and with lots of their peers can make your toddler more confident and independent.

- Learning. Spending so much time with different adults and with other children, your child will pick up new skills you've never seen before.

- Preparation for school. Getting into the routine now will make starting school far easier!

- Developing social skills.

- Not to mention - it gives you a bit of 'me' time!