'Me' Time

You spend so much of your day feeding, changing, entertaining, and thinking about your baby. If you get the opportunity to 10 minutes alone, you should make the most of it. Here are some ideas for a bit of 'ME' time:

- Reading - Even if you don't have time to get stuck into a good novel, flicking through a magazine, or a few news articles can give you a bit of down time.

- Pamper yourself - A hot bath or shower with some nice smelly soaps and a face mask will do the trick.

- Meditation - It doesn't need to be hardcore, just a bit of quiet time with some peaceful music on.

- Work out - A jog, a walk, some yoga. Get your muscles moving and your heart rate up.

- A massage - You can enlist your partner in this one.

- Enjoy a proper meal - It might seem simple, but my goodness it'll make you feel better.