Learning to share

Don't worry - it is perfectly for children to struggle with sharing!

At around 3 years old, your child is developing their ability to empathise and is starting to understand the need to turn take - however, this does not me that they're prepared to actually do it!

No child snatches to be mean. They simply do not have the ability to understand that they can have the toy later, nor the empathetic ability to think of the other child's feelings. For the first few years of their lives they are programmed to look out for number one, and so this can be a hard habit to break.

Here are some pointers for teaching your little one:

- Make it fun. Find some fun turn taking games and play these with friends. Praise the turn taking, make that the aim of the game. Take turns playing an instrument together.

- Don't punish them for not sharing. There are some things your child won't want to share, like a beloved teddy, and that's ok! Don't you have some things you wouldn't want to share?

- Talk to them. Empathise with them and for them.

- Teach them problem-solving. Try using a timer to delegate turns and encourage playing with different toys in the meantime.

- Set a good example.