Learning through PLAY!

Play is a serious job if you're a baby; it's through play that you learn about the world. Every new experience comes with a lesson learned, and builds up your babies neural pathways. It is so important that, as parents, we encourage and engage with our children in play. They will build hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cause and effect and attention (both individual and joint). The more lessons like this your baby learns the better chance they have of developing a healthy mind.

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting on the TV for 10 minutes and having a break, your child is not actually learning from it. Your baby learns through really life experiences, so try to gain a healthy balance of educational sensory play and a bit of downtime for yourself!

Do not feel like you need to go out and by the most expensive, educational toys on the market because your baby's favourite and most important plaything is YOU! Exchanging facial expressions, singing interactive songs with actions and general quality time is the best experience you can give your baby.