Chatter Box

Your baby may begin to astound you with their first few words from 6 months onwards, and once that begins to happen, you might find yourself impatient for more. Don't fret, they will come. But if you want to encourage the process along here are some activities you can do with your baby.

- Playing with bubbles - Babies are fascinated by bubbles to capturing their attention using them and repeating 'pop pop pop' every time you pop one might elicit some copying. They may even learn to ask for more by saying 'pop'

- Action songs - These little gems can help babies interact with an activity before words, but also might motivate them to pick up the odd word.

- Stories - This is a great way to expose your baby to lots of new sounds. The more animated you are in your story telling, the more likely your baby will attend to the words rather than pictures. Picking a story with a repetitive catchphrase might encourage a few new words.