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Organic Cotton Maternity Clothing

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Organic Cotton Luxury Bathrobe
  • GUARANTEED to Soothe Sensitive Skin or your Money Back!
  • Luxuriously Soft for Your Delicate Skin
  • Chemical Free Production
  • Made from Organically-Grown Cotton
  • Gets Softer with Every Wash!
  • We GUARANTEE our Organic Towelling Products will Soothe Your Delicate Skin, or your Money Back
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maternity wear

Nursing Wear can be stylish AND practical!

When Lucy (co-founder of Frugi) was breastfeeding her new son she got herself into a bit of a pickle... She had taken her son shopping and nipped into Mothercare for her first 'out and about' pit stop. "A quick feed and a change, and I'll be out of here", she thought. After emerging triumphantly back into the shop she discovered that she hadn't quite mastered all the buttons on her top, and her sister pointed out that she was unwittingly on display!

Lucy vowed that she would make breastfeeding wear that was simple, discreet and comfy and that didn’t broadcast to the world what it was for...and here it is!

We're using a clever double-layer system with our tops which will enable you to breastfeed your baby in the safe knowledge that your stomach is not on display to the rest of the world. The dress has a panel across the bust which can be lifted for discreet access, again hiding your tummy so not too embarrassing!

The Story behind Frugi's Breastfeeding Range - Aug 1, 2011.
Lucy's take on the Frugi breastfeeding range, and how it came about.

"I remember reading an article last year that gave some shocking statistics about the numbers of women who were breastfeeding their babies - it was such a low figure, I couldn't believe it! At the time I wondered how much of this is down to poorly designed breastfeeding clothes. Let’s face it, it’s the time in a woman’s life when she’s going to feel least confident, and the last thing anyone wants to do post-baby is show their wobbly tummy to the world.

It was after I’d wandered out of the mother & baby room in a store on full display having not buttoned up properly that I decided that Frugi would introduce some practical, stylish breastfeeding tops that would allow new mums to feed their babies discreetly. It was quite an embarrassing moment, but thankfully my wonderful sister was with me and prevented it from being toooooo humiliating!

There really is very little out there in the way of cleverly designed clothes for breastfeeding. The majority of tops and dresses are either hideously frumpy or just impossible to use. If only there was more choice it might help build a little confidence in breastfeeding mothers.

We've had our Breastfeeding Range for a few years now, and the designs have been constantly evolving - a little tweak here and there to make them even more practical, and even more flattering! They're so popular with our customers and it gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside every time we receive emails or Facebook posts to thank us for providing some really lovely breastfeeding clothes from the mums themselves, we even received a thank you card from Marina Fogle the other day!"