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Bambo Training Pants

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bambo training pants

Bambo eco friendly pull up training pants, for the potty training stage and for worry free nights!

· Comfortable, effective and are made using environmentally friendly pulp keeping their impact on our planet the lowest possible.

· Bright designs over the whole training nappies, making them fun for your toddler to wear.

· The pulp used is oxygen-bleached rather than chlorine-bleached - considerably lower environmental impact and much gentler on your child's skin.

· The soft absorbent core is made with bio degradable cornstarch.

· Perfect fit, stretchy, elasticated sides, and a breathable textile back sheet for night long comfort.

· Free from: Chlorine, perfumes, optical brighteners, lotions, dyes or moisturisers

· There is minimal use of absorbent gel, which is tucked inside the fluff of these pull up pants, well away from your little one's skin.

· These pull up training pants contain environmentally friendly compatible fluff pulp from a controlled Scandinavian Forestry where more trees are planted than felled.

· Outer packaging made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE-04), which can be recycled.

· Bambo training nappies to fit sizes;

TMaxi+ - 31+lbs, 14+kg
TXL+ - 40+ lbs, 18+ kg

Bambo pull up pants - the perfect training nappies for a busy toddler.

Beaming Baby Bio Degradable Nappies are the most bio-degradable disposable nappy available in the UK.

· We believe our Biodegradable Nappies are the most advanced disposable nappies in the world.
· They are best for your baby; each nappy has 30% less chemicals
· They are best for the planet; every nappy is 40% more bio-degradable than standard disposable nappies.
· With extra comfort for your baby and high performance, they are designed to last up to 12 hours.
· Each nappy has 30% less chemicals than standard disposable nappies and are kind to all babies, especially those with eczema or sensitive skin.

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