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Why use organic toiletries?
Many people never think about natural skin care until they have children. However, once they have a baby, their attention is drawn to what they are applying to their little one's delicate skin and they start considering whether they should be making more natural choices in skin care products. After all, around 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies, so if you are careful about your baby's food, you need to think about your other baby products too.
Babies often have dry or sensitive skin and some can be prone to eczema, a condition which can be very itchy and uncomfortable for them. Some baby skin conditions can be aggravated by certain ingredients in toiletries, and after bathtime is often when parents discover that skin care products could be linked with their baby's skin problems.
Irritating ingredients in baby skin care products
Some mainstream companies put quite harsh ingredients in their toiletries - even those specifically marketed for use on babies. It is easy to see how lots of parents remain completely unaware of the possible effects of what they are applying to their baby's delicate skin.
One of the most common ingredients that causes problems for some babies is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, also known as SLS. This is used to make shampoos, shower gels and bubble baths foamy. Unfortunately, it is also known to be a skin irritant and may worsen atopic dermatitis, of which infantile eczema is a type.
Artificial fragrances can also be a problem for babies with sensitive skin. Whilst cheap, nicely-scented products are popular, they can cause reactions in some babies. This is because a fragrance - often listed as parfum on the bottle - is not just one chemical, but a mix of many, one or more of which may cause skin reactions.
Gentle, natural baby products
Fortunately, natural skin care products are available which give parents a gentler alternative. At Beaming Baby, we have a whole range of very mild baby products, which are made with natural foams and natural scents.
We have two ranges of Organic baby products, the Organic Orange Blossom range, and the Organic Lavender range. Our award winning orange blossom range includes bubble bath, shampoo & bodywash, baby lotion and baby wipes and is made using only the finest organic ingredients. Every product in the range is certified organic, and they are approved by the Vegan Society.

Our Organic Lavender range includes bubble bath, shampoo & bodywash, baby lotion, baby oil and nappy cream. All the products contain high quality organic lavender, which is calming and relaxing for peaceful bathtimes.

We also stock several other organic and natural brands of baby toiletries and skincare, to offer you a wider choice of products. We are very careful about the products that we stock, and believe that the other companies that we use have similar values to our own, and high quality products. Some of the ranges that we offer are Weleda, Green People, Vital Touch and Trevarno.
Chemicals to watch out for
It can be difficult to find out which ingredients to avoid in your skin care products because there are so many different chemicals used, some with very little testing. Here are some common ones to look out for. By no means is this an exhaustive list or a recommended one, just a guide to some of the chemicals which people tend to be wary about.
Creams & lotions - parabens, petrochemicals, lanolin, ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, urea, parfum
Liquid soap and shower gel - sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate (SLS/SLES), triclosan, ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, DEA, TEA, parfum
As you can see, there are quite a few ingredients to watch out for. Whilst in some cases it has not been proven that they have harmful or unwanted effects, you may choose to err on the side of caution by avoiding them. As well as being less likely to contain these ingredients, natural products do also tend to be gentler, making them ideal for people who have sensitive skin.
However, it is important to stress that no matter what you think you are buying, you should check the label. Even a beauty product with beautiful packaging that has a natural theme may contain some of the ingredients listed, as some companies like to give the impression their products are more natural than they really are.
The added benefits of organic skin care
One thing you can do to find a natural skin care brand that is truly good for your skin is to look for signs that it is organic. Look out for logos from The Soil Association, Organic Food Federation or Ecocert on the packaging, as these indicate that the products will have been made with a high percentage of organic ingredients. Each of the certification bodies also has a list of chemicals that it does not allow in its certified products so this also helps you to avoid unwanted ingredients.
There are some natural skin care products which are difficult to get certified as organic, however, so it is always worth having a quick glance at the ingredients list. This should highlight organically grown ingredients so you can see just how much of the product is organic.
Another benefit to choosing organic skin care products is that they do not contain the pesticide residues which may be present in natural, but not organic, beauty products. How pesticides affect the human body are still being researched but they do seem likely to have some potentially serious negative effects. Some have been found to cause illness in those who are exposed to them often, such as farmers and gardeners, so it would seem sensible to avoid contact with pesticides where possible.

A note about organic natural shampoos and bubble bath - Many people find that true organic natural shampoos don't lather very much, if you're anything like my mother then you won't be satisfied with this and won't feel clean enough! The reason they don't lather is because they don't contain all the foaming ingredients of normal shampoos. These strip the hair of its natural oils, cause allergies and can be very environmentally un-friendly. We stock certified organic natural shampoos, which are the best on the market. The truth is that you don't need all the lather to clean your hair, but if it makes you feel better, then the best solution is to wet your hair, rub a little between your hands and apply all over, wait a minute then rinse, and then re-apply. During the second application, you will find the products lather more. Always wait a few minutes before you wash them out to let them do their stuff! Because they are so gentle you won't need a conditioner either.

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