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Moltex Nappies are breathable and chlorine free, with some natural based materials.

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Beaming Baby Bio Degradable Nappies are 28% MORE Biodegradable than Moltex and have 38% less chemicals!

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moltex eco nappies

Information about Moltex Eco Nappies

  • Made from 50% Biodegradable materials

  • Chlorine free

  • Free from TBT and perfumes

  • Free from natural latex

  • Recommended for babies with eczema

  • 100% compostable packaging

  • FSC certified, wood pulp from responsible sources

  • Questions about the Moltex Eco Nappy?

    Does the Moltex eco nappy work as well as normal disposable nappies?
    Yes. The Moltex eco nappy has all the features of leading brands - e.g. soft, absorbent core, cotton-like feel, stretchy waistband and leg cuffs for ease of movement, but are kinder to the skin and environment.

    What makes the Moltex eco nappy more eco-friendly than conventional disposables?
    The manufacturing process itself is more eco friendly because the Moltex nappy is made with a unique unbleached core. This means less chemical waste, less water pollution - which can harm wildlife and fisheries and enter our food chain - and a significant reduction in quantities of water used. The nappy is made with as many replenishable and recycled raw materials as possible. The packaging itself is 100% biodegradable.

    Is the Moltex nappy biodegradeable?
    Tests carried out in Ireland showed that the Moltex nappy could biodegrade in just 8 weeks. The method used was "Vermicomposting" - i.e. "Earthworm Composting". Scientists found that the earthworms could rapidly penetrate and breakdown the nappy, excreting it as worm castings, which are then broken down into microbes. The resulting vermicompost can be used on your garden to improve the soil and promote growth.

    Is the Moltex eco nappy more expensive than conventional disposables?
    Prices are comparable to leading brands and slightly more expensive than supermarket own brands. By buying our value packs, you pay even less per nappy.

    How does the fluff of the Moltex eco nappy differ from conventional nappies?
    100% chlorine free - The fluff which is used in the Moltex eco nappy is bleached with oxygen, not chlorine, making it much more environmentally friendly, and kinder to your babies skin. 100% from sustainable resources- The fluff which is used in the Moltex eco nappy comes from certified sustainable resources. The timber for the fluff comes from wood that has been cultivated naturally, so the tree grower has to use indigenous trees, and to take special care of protected biotypes and endangered animal and plant species. The wood pulp used to make the fluff in Moltex nappies is now FSC certified.

    Is the 100% biodegradable protective backsheet film of the Moltex nappies breathable?
    The protective backsheet film of the Moltex eco nappy is made partly of starch from renewable materials, and is 100% biodegradable. The film is breathable, more precisely, permeable for air and steam. The film has tiny pores, which allow the steam caused by the urine in the nappy to pass through. This means temperature is regulated and the nappy is more comfortable for your baby. Don't worry, it still protects against leaks.

    Do the Moltex nappies contain natural latex?
    The Moltex nappies do not contain natural latex. Some people can have allergies to natural latex, as it contains proteins which can cause irritation. As a Moltex nappy does not contain natural latex, there is no possibility of a latex allergy being aggravated by Moltex nappies.

    Do Moltex nappies contain perfume or lotions?
    Moltex nappies are completely free from perfume and lotions. Moltex eco nappies have been examined in comprehensive panel tests, and the results showed that the Moltex nappy is kind to baby's skin.

    Why does the Moltex eco nappy contain absorbent gel?
    • Health reasons - The absorbent gel in Moltex nappies stores urine and keeps the babies skin largely dry. When urine leaves the body, it is a neutral pH, but as it breaks down, it produces ammonia and carbon dioxide, and becomes acidic. If this is left against the skin, it increases the risk of skin irritations and nappy rash. The absorbent gel belongs to the group of raw materials, which have been submitted to a very careful examination concerning their harmlessness. The studies showed that there is no health risk from the swollen gel - even in direct skin contact.

    • Environmental reasons - In consumer panel tests, nappies without absorbent gel were compared to Moltex eco nappies with absorbent gel. It was found that when using nappies without the gel, 3-5 times more nappies were used, increasing the amount of nappies being disposed of. This means that, although they were biodegradable, the wastage of the nappy meant that they were not more environmentally friendly.

    How can it be guaranteed that the raw materials used in the Moltex eco nappies are harmless for the consumer?
    The raw materials used in the production of Moltex eco nappies correspond to the recommendations of the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

    Why is the Moltex eco nappy now white?
    Unfortunately, there is no more unbleached (brown) cellulose available on the market. So Moltex were forced to find an alternative solution. The core of the new Moltex nappy is made with 100% chlorine free white cellulose, which is bleached with oxygen. This is currently the most environmentally friendly alternative.

    What is TBT?
    TBT compounds are considered as toxic chemicals which have negative effects on humans and the environment. TBT is used as an additive in PVC and other plastics and can be present as an impurity in catalysts used to make plastics, especially PVC and polyurethane. It is also used in wood preservatives, textile disinfectants and as a pesticide in some pulp and paper rnills. TBT (tributyl tin) is an environmental pollutant with a hormone-like effect. The smallest concentrations of TBT can harm people's immune systems and impair their hormonal system.

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