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Discover the history and inspiration behind the beaming baby logo!
modest beginnings
beaming baby was born in Devon from humble beginnings! My young niece was suffering from eczema, and with our own first baby on the way, my thoughts turned to organic baby products suitable for delicate skin.
During my search for pure products I wasn't able to find anything quite right, so then it struck me - make my own!

kitchen capers!
I didn't start the quest totally in the dark - I have a background in chemistry - so I had some knowledge in the natural products that benefit the skin, and those to avoid totally. The one thing I was certain on was that I wanted my products to be as pure and organic as possible, and they would not contain any chemicals, colours or perfumes.
This decided, I got to work in my kitchen! After a certain amount of experimentation, I came up with my own brand of organic baby wipes, which were honestly and objectively tested by family and friends! Luckily they loved them and came back for more! beaming baby was born!

the range increases
After the success of the wipes, the range was expanded with organic bubble bath, shampoo bodywash and baby lotion. My friends and family were still loyally buying my products and my customer base has steadily increased since, so hopefully we're doing something right!

the future ...
It has always been my aim to provide high-quality organic and natural products for babies and children, and we have since moved into clothes, toys and household products. But the organic message remains the same - buying organic helps not only your children, but helps to preserve the planet and ultimately our future.

our ethos
We live and work in a beautiful part of Devon, and as we are so fortunate, I am thrilled to be able to now donate 10% of our profits to worthwhile charities. Mothers, babies and children have, and always will be, core to beaming baby, and that keeps us focused!

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