Pregnancy Calendar - Pick a Week!

8 Weeks Pregnant

Doctor Doctor

Your baby is now the size of a raspberry!

Your baby is now officially known as a foetus, rather than an embryo, and he or she is beginning to take the shape of a little person. They are still snug in the amniotic sac, and the placenta is getting ready to take on the job of nourishing your baby.

It is now time to make your first antenatal appointment. It is likely that you will have blood drawn and will have to give a urine sample. This is to check for abnormalities in hormone levels, infections, and glucose and protein levels.

When and how you share your exciting news is such a personal choice, and you may be hatching a creative plan to tell your friends and families. However, if you're concerned your job could be a risk to your health, you may need to let your employer in on the news. They can help support you throughout this time. For more information on your rights at work throughout pregnancy visit the government website.

32 weeks to go!