Pregnancy Calendar - Pick a Week!

17 Weeks Pregnant

Dinner for one!

Your baby is the size of a pomegranate!

Your baby's limbs and vital organs are now fully formed, and in the next week they will develop their very own fingerprints!

Up until this point your baby has probably resembled a little alien, with a head that is bigger than its body. However, now your baby's body is filling out, and their proportions will start to even out. They're also starting to build up the body fat which will keep your little one warm - and cute - after birth.

Now that the news is out and your bump is growing, people might be telling you that you should be 'eating for two'. Sorry to burst the bubble, but that simply isn't true - especially at this stage. Your baby gets everything they need from you, with no need for extra calories until the last three months. A healthy, well balanced diet will provide all your little one needs to grow.

23 weeks to go!