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21 Weeks Pregnant

The name game

Your baby is the size of a red bell pepper!

Now that you are past the half way point, and you may know the sex of your baby, it's time to start thinking seriously about names. You may have had a name picked out since you were 10, or you may think you'll know the right name when meet your baby for the first time. However, with such a big decision to make, it is worth having a few options under your belt.

This is something you and your partner may agonise over for weeks or months, with big differences of opinion - because nothing ruins a name like that bratty kid you went to primary school with! It's worth starting early and preparing yourself for a long journey to finding THE name.

Check out our baby names page for some inspiration. Whether you are looking for something sweet, individual, or edgy, we have a long list of names to hopefully spark some ideas.

19 weeks to go!