Pregnancy Calendar - Pick a Week!

22 Weeks Pregnant

False alarm!

Your baby is the size of a coconut!

Your baby is developing a sleeping and waking pattern, however this probably will not match yours. This means that while you are tucked up in bed trying to get some shut eye, baby may be having a party in your uterus.

At 22 weeks, your baby is also growing rapidly, and all this growth so quickly may mean that your innie is about to (if it hasn't already) become an outie. If you're not keen on this change, don't worry, it'll pp back in after delivery. However, be prepared that you'll probably be left with a slightly bigger belly button than before!

From 22 weeks onwards, you might start to experience Braxton Hicks - a series of irregular, painless squeezing sensations in your abdomens. They're nothing to worry about, it's just your body practising ahead of the big day.

18 weeks to go!