Pregnancy Calendar - Pick a Week!

27 Weeks Pregnant

The end is in sight

Your baby is as big as a lettuce!

You have reached the end of your second trimester and your baby is just starting to breathe (amniotic fluid, not air, but still!). Your baby is now starting to show brain activity, how cool!

Here are some of the symptoms you may be experiencing in the final week of your second trimester:

- Leg cramps - ensure you are keeping hydrated and keep stretching your legs.

- Back aches - gentle back stretches can ease this, as well as sleeping on a body pillow (helps ease pressure on your hips).

- Constipation - keep hydrated, eat PLENTY of fibre and take plenty of walks.

- Weeing. ALL OF THE TIME (often unintentionally). Anyone prone to a sneeze wee? We recommend stocking up on panty liners for the next few months.

13 weeks to go!