Pregnancy Calendar - Pick a Week!

28 Weeks Pregnant

The home stretch

Welcome to the third trimester!

Your baby is now the size of an Aubergine.

From this point on, you might find sleep quite difficult to come by. When you find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night, try and do something relaxing - reading, listening to peaceful music, drink some chamomile tea.

On the flipside, your baby is just beginning to experience rapid eye movement sleep (REM), meaning he or she is likely starting to dream.

Now that your baby's getting bigger, he or she is taking up more room in your abdomen, leaving less space for everything else. This means you may feel short of breath, due to baby crowding your lungs and diaphragm. You'll also find that you have less bladder capacity than you used to, and that's normal.

Your breasts might also be starting to produce to your first lot of milk ready for baby, which may start to leak throughout the third trimester. This will be a yellowish colour, but don't be alarmed. That colour comes from a substance called colostrums, which your bodies way of passing antibodies into the infant.

12 weeks to go!