Pregnancy Calendar - Pick a Week!

30 Weeks Pregnant

Dreaming of you

Your baby is as big as a courgette!

Now that you are three quarters of the way through your pregnancy, your baby is starting to regulate his or her own temperature. Up until now, he or she has been covered in soft hair (called lanugo) to keep them warm, but now their brain and new fat cells are taking over that job, they're beginning to disappear.

The anxiety leading up to giving birth can often result in you having very vivid, and slightly odd, dreams. Attending antenatal classes and talking to other expectant mothers can help, everyone is feeling the same! If you're really worried about the birth, talk to your midwife. She's likely seen thousands of women through this journey and can ease your concerns.

You should still be staying active, however you should minimise any high impact activities. Try walking, dancing or swimming to keep moving with minimal strain on your joints.

Time to make a shopping list of all the things you need to buy in preparation for your new arrival.

10 weeks to go!