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31 Weeks Pregnant

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Your baby is the size of a bunch of leeks!

Your baby's brain is rapidly developing, and all 5 of your baby's senses are now in working order.

You may be planning to get 3D or 4D scans of your baby - now's your chance. In a 3D scan you can see pictures of your baby's face and body, but in a 4D scan you see movement. You'll get to see your baby blinking, sucking its thumb, and if you're lucky smiling or frowning. You might even get to take a video home with you to show friends and family too.

If you already have children, ensure you spend some time with them, talking about the new arrival and preparing them for what being a big brother or sister will entail. This also applies to any nieces or nephews that you're particularly close to - they may not be so happy to share you with the new arrival.

There are a few little tips we'd like to share to help prepare your little one for the arrival of an even littler one:

- Make them feel important in their role. Tell them how special their job as big brother or sister will be, and how vital It is that they be your little helper. Children LOVE to feel like that have an important job to do, and will relish the new role.

- Tell them stories of growing families. There are some lovely story books out there aimed to prepare little ones to become big siblings. you could also tell them stories about when they were babies, dig out some old photos to show them.

- Prep your friends and family. As excited as they will all be to meet the new family member, remind your family to make a big fuss of the older child too, this can mean they don't feel left out of all the excitement. Maybe even get them a present to celebrate becoming a big sibling.

- Finally, prepare yourselves for regression. Your toddler, who was starting to become more independent and grown up, may start acting clingy and ‘baby-ish'. This is totally normal; it's their way of getting some of the attention they feel they've lost. D

You're official into the single figure countdown - only 9 weeks to go!