Pregnancy Calendar - Pick a Week!

33 Weeks Pregnant

Prepare yourself...

Your baby is the size of a head of celery!

Right about now you're probably feeling pretty hot. Literally! Your metabolic rate is through the roof, meaning you're probably struggling to keep cool. And until your baby finally drops you're probably feeling pretty short of breath. But don't you worry, the struggles of pregnancy are nearly behind you, and it'll all be worth it when you finally get to meet your little bundle of joy.

As your baby is growing, the amount of amniotic fluid around him or her decreases. Because there's less surrounding your baby now, when they kick it may feel a bit more painful!

In preparation for delivery, you might want to start massaging your perineum daily to prevent tearing during birth. The perineum is the area between your vagina and anus, and preventing tears in this area can promote a speedier recovery after delivery. So as unglamorous as it may seem, it really is worth it!

It's essential that you wash your hands before your start (and don't do this if you have thrush or herpes). Lubricate your fingers with vitamin E oil, pure vegetable oil, or personal lubricant (don't use baby oil, mineral oil or petroleum oil). To start, put your thumb inside your vagina and push back towards the rectum and side to side at the same time. Hold this stretch for about two minutes. After you have done this, give the tissue between your vagina and rectum a gentle massage for about a minute.

It'll be worth it in the long run ladies!

Only 7 weeks to go!