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Which Nappy Is Right For My Baby?

Your baby is the size of a butternut squash!

Not long until your baby will make his or her debut into the big wide world, and there a lot of things to think about before it does.

Chances are you havent thought much about nappies. If youve already considered all the options and picked a brand that is right for you and your baby, well done! If you havent, don't panic - there's still time.

Choosing the right nappy for your baby is an important decision. Your baby will spend almost every hour for the first three years of his or her life wearing a nappy. Your nappy options are huge and can feel really quite overwhelming... your little one will use an average of ten nappies per day in the early weeks of her life, this figure reducing to around six a day later on. That's over 3,000 nappy changes by the time it reaches its first birthday! Blimey...

Three key factors to bear in mind when choosing a nappy for your baby are; your baby's health, happiness and comfort, the impact on the environment, and the financial costs.

If you're still feeling absolutely baffled, head on over to the 'free' tab on our app and claim your 99p sample pack today. This will provide you with some free samples of our nappies to try out on your little one, as well as lots of information on choosing the right nappy for you.

So, time to get researching!

Only 6 weeks to go! Eeeek!