Pregnancy Calendar - Pick a Week!

39 Weeks Pregnant

Preparing the nest

Your baby is the size of a pumpkin!

Your due date is looming - how exciting! However, don't hold your breath for a prompt arrival; most babies go past their due date, especially if it's your first. You won't be allowed to go past 10-14 days overdue though.

You've probably started to feel the urge to tidy, clean and rearrange the entire house. Don't worry, you're not going mad, you're nesting! Close to the end of pregnancy, mummies-to-be get a strong urge to clean and organise the house all set for your little one's arrival, it's nature's way of getting you ready.

By now you're pretty clued up on what to expect up until birth, but here's some information about what will happen after you deliver:

- Did you know that when your baby is born, its tear ducts haven't actually developed yet? So although you'll hear a lot of crying, you won't see any little tears for at least a month!

- The general consensus is that it's fine to start having sex again 6-8 weeks after delivery, but it's perfectly OK if you don't feel like it. Take your time and wait until you're ready - you'll know. Your body has been through a lot!

- If you have chosen to try and breastfeed you may experience sore and engorged nipples to begin with. And if you have chosen not to, or have tried and are unable to, that is perfectly OK - after all, fed is best!

- After delivery, you'll notice a discharge, not dissimilar to a period, called Lochia. It will start heavily, so you will need to wear maternity pads, but it will get lighter and ease off within 2-6 weeks. If it becomes heavier, or has an offensive smell, you should contact your midwife - there could be traces of placenta left behind.

You're nearly there, you've got this.

Can you believe it? Only 1 more week to go!