Pregnancy Calendar - Pick a Week!

40 Weeks Pregnant


Your baby is FINALLY the size of a watermelon!

You've done it! You've grown a human, and you should feel bloomin' proud of yourself.

You're probably starting to get a bit antsy, wanting to meet your gorgeous new arrival. If you want to get the party started sooner rather than later, there are some 'home remedies' you can try:

- Exercise. Don't go crazy, but just something to raise your heart rate. A long walk around the park would be perfect!

- Sex. the theory is that having sex releases oxytocin, which could jumpstart uterine contractions. having sex right up until labour is fine, however, you shouldn't have once your waters have broken - this could increase your risk of infection.

- Nipple stimulation. Apparently this can cause your uterus to contract and bring on labour.

- Spicy food. This may be an old wives tale - but if you're really ready to get this baby out, give your local Indian a call!

And finally...

- Patience. Your baby can't stay in there forever. He or she will make an appearance when they're ready. Just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

You've rocked this pregnancy, and we know you'll do just the same with motherhood!