Quick Tips!

- Use washables or biodegradables (You could even make your own washable wipes)

- Cut down on bath times! Unless baby is covered in food or spit up – they don't need a daily bath. Two or three baths a week will do the trick and greatly reduce the water use in your household.

- Have a stock of reusable shopping bags

- Make your own baby food

- Introduce baby led weaning (which means they eat what you eat – saves a lot of energy making separate food, and reduces food waste!)

- Use hand-me-downs from friends

- If you're buying furniture for the nursery, try and source sustainable pieces

- Get your baby/children's books from the library

- Use natural bath and skin products

- Buy organic cotton where possible – non-organic crops are heavily sprayed with chemicals

- Use public transport where possible

- Choose wooden toys made from sustainable sources

- Spend more time outside – this energy efficient pastime will reduce electricity consumption (and will likely improve your physical, and mental, health)!


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