Teach Them!

A massive way we can impact the environment is by teaching our children how to respect it. Something you can start from a young age is reading stories about sustainability, recycling and the consequences our planet is facing. There are so many stories out there aimed at portraying this important message while making it engaging for your little one. There are also so many songs about the environment that you can introduce from a young age – Jack Johnson's 'The 3 Rs' from Curious George is a personal favourite.

Make it fun!

- Create a recycling centre for your little one to learn how to sort their waste. With little holes to post plastic bottles or tin cans through, you'll be teaching them a sustainable lifestyle AND working on gross motor skills.

- Get them a matching little reusable shopping bag for them to take to the shops with you, and let them put something from the shopping in it to carry.

- Start an upcycling project together – let them get creative!

- Make a veg patch in the garden and teach your little one how to grow their own food. Involve them in every step of the process – planting, picking, cleaning and cooking. It might also make eating vegetables more fun!

And the best way to raise an environmentally conscious child?

Lead by example!

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