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The term "Organic Nappies" is often used when talking about both Reusable Nappies and Eco Disposable Nappies . However, the only nappies that are genuinely organic are the reusable cloth nappies and terry towelling squares, which tend to be made from 100% organic cotton and organic bamboo fibre.

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Organic Nappies

What are Organic Nappies?

"Organic" Nappies, or eco disposable nappies are made with natural, biodegradable and sustainable materials. These are not just better for the planet, but also better for your baby because they contain less chemicals, meaning the chances of little one developing nappy rash are greatly reduced. Fully organic reusable nappies are usually 100% organic cotton, or sometimes bamboo, and have had no chemicals or pesticides used at any stage of growing and processing material.

Can I Buy Organic Disposable Nappies?

Currently, no disposable eco nappies are technically organic nappies, despite many people referring to them as organic. However that's not to say there aren't some great eco nappies out there that are super kind to our planet. The most environmentally friendly disposable nappy on the planet are Beaming Baby Nappies.

Compare Organic Nappies

Motherease Organic Cotton Reusable Nappy is 100% certified organic, and should be used together with a Washable Nappy Cover.
Beaming Baby Reusable Nappies are not completely organic, as they are an all-in-one nappy, meaning they require a polyester outer cover to keep them perfectly waterproof. All of the Washable Inserts that add extra absorbency to these nappies are 100% organic.

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Beaming Baby Bio Degradable Nappies are the most bio-degradable disposable nappy available in the UK and accompany a washable system perfectly for use at night time or holidays.

· Most of the nappy biodegrades withing 4 years instead of the mind-blowing 400 years.

· Each nappy has 54% less chemicals than standard disposable nappies and are kind to all babies, especially those with eczema or sensitive skin.

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