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earth friendly baby

The purpose of Earth Friendly Baby is to create high quality, natural products that are healthy for babies, their friends and the planet - available at a price that everyone can afford.

Earth Friendly Baby is committed to developing and growing a company that is, yes, profitable and successful, but environmentally and socially responsible as well.

Earth Friendly Baby advocates policies which serve to make this a better world for babies and their friends.

Earth Friendly Baby’s natural claim:

All of Earth Friendly's products are natural, which means that they use ingredients that are plant-derived where possible and biodegradable.

Earth Friendly do not use artificial colouring or synthetic

Earth Friendly do not use any parabens or sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate.

None of Earth Friendly Baby's products are tested on animals, and all products are suitable for vegetarians. All the products are also suitable for vegans except for those who do not use beeswax which is found in the creams.